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  1. Hello, I currently have a colony of hissing cockroaches and a colony of dubia roaches but I am looking to start two more colonies of larger roaches and was recommended coming to this site to find someone to get them from. I have already decided I want a large number of orange head cockroaches, and I'm pretty sure I want the second species to be ivory head cockroaches. I was considering also dwarf cave cockroaches. Someone had contacted me about orange and ivory head roaches and told me they'd get a price shortly, but that was three weeks ago. Does anyone on here sell those two species in bulk? I'd like to have a second or even third person on my list to purchase from, as I do still intend to buy from the first person who contacted me too. I'm probably being overly cautious about inbreeding that Im not even sure is an issue with roaches, but I want to diversify my colonies bloodlines too. I have 2 Savannah monitors, 2 Nile monitors, an Argentine tegu, an Asian water monitor and am looking to add a pair of Australian frilled lizards to my family as well. My hissers and dubia are pumping out a TON of babies for me, but the hissers take forever to grow and my dubia colony is only a few months old now so even with almost 200 breeding females they just can't handle being the main diet on their own