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    Gyna caffrorum

    Can we keep Gyna sp. in Exo-terra enclosures like this ? Do they support a normal room temperature (20°) or do they need a heater?
  2. Jeb

    Gyna caffrorum

    They jump and fly too much or they do they hyde themselves ?
  3. Jeb

    Jane Doe

    You're right! Phoraspis sp from Brazil.
  4. I had a colony of G. portentosa a few years ago and I used to breed them in dry terrariums, just with paper eggs boxes. I would like to try to have my new ones in a more aesthetic terrarium. Do you think I can use soil, mosses, wood, rocks, dead leaves, or should I just keep the first option and go back to the eggs boxes ? Best regards, JB
  5. Jeb

    Jane Doe

    Hi, Does someone know the name of this beauty ? Best, Jeb
  6. Jeb

    Hello from France

    Hi guys, Newbie in the cockroaches world. I used to have some roaches when I had tarentulas and reptiles, but I bred them just as food, even if I really didn't like it... I stopped terrariophilia a few years ago. I've always been interested into cockroaches and their social life, so I recently decided to order some females Gromphadorhina oblongonata from a giant "souche". I would really love to find a pair of Macropanesthia, and I'm in love with the Gyna species but I really don't want to be overflown (not sur of that word) by births... I know, that's stupid if you are into coackroaches... That's why Macropanesthia could be the best for me. So if one of you guys have a pair or to for sale, let me know. Best regards, JB