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    Cockroach milk ?

    Cockroach milk may be the next superfood ! https://www.sciencealert.com/scientists-think-we-should-start-drinking-cockroach-milk-superfood
  2. Roachinator

    Cockroach jewelry?

    hello. I have a cockroach pendant I bought online. You might checkout EBAY. You should be able to find something there.
  3. Roachinator

    DIY Modified Sterilite Gasket Tubs from Target

    Beautiful job on that gasket tub. Unfortunately we don't have any target stores where I live. I did manage to order one from Walmart, although they are expensive if you buy them there. I presently have five Hissers and am waiting for some more to arrive in the mail. Anyway goodbye Vaseline! . I have always found it a pain to deal with. Good luck to all you roach people out there.
  4. Roachinator

    Hissers in film & tv?

    Twilight of the Cockroaches.