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  1. PuppyMintMocha

    Unwanted Halloween Hisser Babies...

    Just to update this, I decided to wait and see if she has babies, and grow them out a little bit before finding other homes for all the nymphs and the female
  2. PuppyMintMocha

    Unwanted Halloween Hisser Babies...

    10x6x8 inch
  3. PuppyMintMocha

    Halloween hisser care?

    My halloween hissers never burrow unless I remove all the hiding spots and start bothering them, so I only use just under an inch of coconut substrate, and I spray it just before it becomes dry, which tends to be once every one or two days since the enclosure I have them in is quite well ventilated. I also have a little bit of standing water (not deep enough for them to drown in, but I don't have nymphs) to also help with humidity. I'm fairly new to keeping them, but they seem pretty forgiving. I've accidentally gotten it too wet and too dry before and they don't seem to care much
  4. Hey all! Back in March, I got myself 5 halloween hisser nymphs. The guy I got them from tried to pick out only males for me, because I want them as pets only and am not currently interested in having a whole breeding colony. Now that they are adults and easier to sex, I have realized that one of them is female and I caught her mating with one of the others a couple weeks ago, so I'm guessing I should be expecting babies in late July/early August? Their enclosure isn't big enough to handle 30+ adults, and I don't really want to upgrade and have a breeding colony, so I should probably figure something out. Should I give the female by herself to someone else before the babies come, or try to handle all the babies in a separate enclosure and then sell them with the female? Do babies have to be a certain age before they can ship well? I've also never shipped anything living before, so I'm a little nervous to, but I don't know anyone local that would take her. PS: I know killing her would also solve the problem, but I'm rather attached to my hissers... I really don't want to get rid of her either but if she's just going to keep popping out unwanted babies, then I feel it's the best option for me at the moment....
  5. PuppyMintMocha

    First Time Roach Owner!

    Thank you both! I got my roaches yesterday and just got their enclosure all set up this morning! Here they are! Sorry for the blurriness, my phone camera is super picky about when it'll actually focus on stuff... The last picture is from their temporary setup yesterday while I waited for the terrarium to arrive, but I included it because it's the only closeup with good camera focus I've managed so far. I had bought a log to set over the egg carton because I found that to be more visually appealing (as these are just for pets), but the log ended up being just barely too wide for the terrarium. :/ Maybe I'll try something else later on.
  6. PuppyMintMocha

    First Time Roach Owner!

    Hello there! I'm basically a complete newbie when it comes to invert husbandry! I'm a pet enthusiast, and own or previously have owned almost everything; dogs, rodents, birds, fish, farm animals, reptiles (well, only one so far), etc.. However I have little to no experience with bugs, but I will be changing that soon! In fact, VERY soon. I am expecting my first roaches to arrive in the mail tomorrow! They are Halloween Hissers/Elliptorhina Javanica. I'm very excited to test the waters of invert keeping, and I hope to try getting some more bugs once I get settled with my first roaches and am ready to add in something else to my collection. I'd love recommendations for other beginner bugs, roach or otherwise. I love wacky-looking and colorful ones!