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  1. Arthroverts

    If Roaches Used Social Media...

    SirUblaberus said: @Archie_Blatta, you're lack of first-hand experience perturbs me... #stillafeeder DefinitelyDeropeltis said: Ah, @Archie_Blatta, isn't it nice to look down on the masses of blattodea and know you have security in life? We have the cheapest life insurance of them all, ha ha! And with those savings I bought myself a ticket to Florida (natrally I want to take over the world, as any self-respecting roach does) with Mantid Airways, 1st Class! "Meals will be provided" even! Ah, it's a wonderful life... #deropeltis4life
  2. Arthroverts

    If Roaches Used Social Media...

    SirUblaberus said: @Archie_Blatta, oi, so your clever chemical secretions only work on the so-called "hoomans" and "backboners", as you put it? Well, depending on what your "hooman" keeps, you may very well still end up as vittles...for another invertebrate. Beware mate! #stillafeeder
  3. Arthroverts

    thoughts on lack of roach "merch"

    @emmett, it is true that my collection has bloomed since starting the club, through purchases, trades, gifts, group buys, imports, etc. If you have any questions about potentially starting your own club feel free to ask, I'd be happy to share my experience from the past year of leading this one. We need more invertebrate clubs in the world... Thanks, Arthroverts
  4. Arthroverts

    thoughts on lack of roach "merch"

    @Allpet Roaches, whatever happened to the ACS? That's what I did. There aren't very many active invertebrate clubs with physical meetings that I know of other than my local one, but if there are any around you I would suggest either looking on Arachnoboards or on Facebook (I personally don't use it, but that's what a lot of groups seem to use to communicate) to see if you can find them. Thanks, Arthroverts
  5. Arthroverts

    thoughts on lack of roach "merch"

    Well, my local invertebrate club's T-shirts have a tracing of Blaberus giganteus on them, which depending on demand within the club may get it's own shirt (perhaps with the tagline "Got Roaches?"). But that's where my knowledge ends on this particular subject... Thanks, Arthroverts
  6. Arthroverts

    Happy New Year!

    @Hisserdude, I think it'll be a while before we get as big as Europe in terms of size. They've had the jump on us for decades and are still going full throttle, ha ha. A sure shame it is when that happens; if you keep your eyes open and your head on straight you'll find a lot of good people in both the isopod and tarantula sides of the hobby, but you are right, a lot of irresponsible sellers and hobbyists to waylay the new enthusiast and old hand alike. Thanks, Arthroverts
  7. Arthroverts

    Happy New Year!

    @Hisserdude, well, the isopod side of the hobby still kinda confounds me, how it just exploded onto the scene and became the next big thing. However, more people=more demand=more species become available. That's not always true of course, but more responsible blatticulturists is always a good thing. Thanks, Arthroverts
  8. Arthroverts

    Happy New Year!

    Here's to hoping that the hobby will see an explosion of both species available and people coming into the hobby, you know we need it, ha ha. Thanks, Arthroverts
  9. Arthroverts

    ICSC January Meeting

    Hello friends! We will be celebrating the first anniversary of the Invertebrate Club of Southern California on the 18th, from 11:00-12:30, at Chanda's House in Redlands. Lunch will be provided, and we will be having some very special desserts (invertebrate-themed cake, apple pie perhaps...) to celebrate! Please let me know if you are planning on coming and whether or not you prefer a vegetarian meal so we can plan accordingly (super big Thank You to Chanda!). We will be having some sort of raffle/gift exchange/whatever-we-figure-out, because what is a birthday without presents? Also, we hope to be distributing club shirts for the first time after a long wait! Huge, huge thank you's to all who helped to make the first year of the ICSC's existence a great one, and to everyone, especially Chanda, who are helping to make this an awesome meeting to kick off 2020! Many thanks, Arthroverts
  10. Arthroverts

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year for all you who follow the Gregorian Calendar! May your collection continue to grow into what you want it to be: Keep on Roaching! Thanks, Arthroverts
  11. Arthroverts

    What would you find?

    O.K, so what about not under things? What species would you want to find? Thanks, Arthroverts
  12. Hello all, so recently I was nosing about under some pots (like I usually do), and I found this: : Apologies for the poor quality, it was completely dark when I took the photos and the camera didn't have enough time to focus once the flash went off. Anyway, just your regular Blatta lateralis. Pretty, but not very exciting. But that got me thinking. What species would you most like to find under a pot/log/stone? Say you are on a trip to somewhere, you flip over a log and bam! What species would you like to see? For me it'd be Blaberus/Eublaberus sp., or possibly some cool Panchlora sp. Thanks, Arthroverts
  13. Arthroverts

    Virgin Red runner observation.

    Doesn't surprise me. Breeding is known to reduce the lifespan of many creatures, even in reptiles such as chameleons. Plus, extra energy expenditure is known to reduce the life expectancy of some(many?) invertebrates (flightless vs. flying Cotinis mutabilis come to mind), so the breeding process can't help. Interesting observation nonetheless. Thanks, Arthroverts
  14. Arthroverts

    Return of Roach Crossing?

    Awesome! I sure hope he is truly back. Hopefully I can get a heat cabinet going so I can breed more roach species, than I will send him some business :). Thanks, Arthroverts
  15. Arthroverts

    I’m back

    It's all 100% Certified, Verified, Confirmed and Condoned Fake News...except for that part about the US banning the keeping of roaches (not counting deregulated species or those kept under a permit), and the fact that the Australian enthusiasts are still teasing us with all their cool species, those unfortunately are still true. What tipped you off ;):D? Very sorry to hear that man. That has gotta sting... I might also add that quite a few species of roach were deregulated. You can read more about that here. Thanks, Arthroverts