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    Arboreal Roaches?

    Here is what I am thinking of doing for this tank (a 12" by 12" by 18" tall Zoo Med front opening glass cage). Currently has a Pachira, Lemon Plant, and a Spider Plant growing in 3-4 inches of Reptisoil, with a drainage layer of clay balls; a large piece of cork is angled at the back against the glass. A thick layer of sphagnum moss covers the substrate with some rotting oak and Pachira leaves topping it off. I want to do 4-6 Pystalla horrida and get a small colony established, along with some Blaberidae sp. "Little Kenyans", along with the arboreal roach species (maybe a hisser species?) and some sort of isopod species. Maybe even a beetle than can take a high moisture level. Thanks, Arthroverts
  2. Arthroverts

    Porcellio expansus

    So, do they need a corner of the enclosure moist and the rest dry or do they like the entire enclosure moist with good ventilation? Thanks, Arthroverts
  3. Arthroverts

    5 new roach species in the US hobby!

    @Redmont, any updates? Thanks, Arthroverts
  4. Arthroverts

    If Roaches Used Social Media...

    Panch-Laura said: Hey! @RunsRed, is that why Bob and Bill and Joey and Pam and Rosy and Martha disappeared?!? #downwithlateralis!
  5. Arthroverts

    Hawai'ian cockroach stowaway

    That is awesome! I hope you can successfully raise and eventually breed this species! Thanks for sharing in your tired state! Arthroverts
  6. Hey all, I recently acquired (EDIT: 6) Blaberus giganteus, and I need some care advice. Can I keep them like Eublaberus sp., or do they have some special requirements? Thanks, Arthroverts
  7. Arthroverts

    Blaberus giganteus care?

    Thanks! Just to get this straight: A moderately deep substrate with rotting wood and leaves for the nymphs to burrow in with large pieces of angled bark for the nymphs to molt to adulthood; they will eat most vegetable and fruit matter, with some dog/cat/fish food thrown in for protein, correct? Thanks, Arthroverts
  8. Arthroverts

    Blaberus giganteus care?

    Thanks for the help @The Mantis Menagerie and @Shinylarvitar97! Does the bark have to be at an angle for when the nymphs molt to maturity, or can they molt successfully on a flat piece of cork? Thanks, Arthroverts
  9. Arthroverts

    Blaberus giganteus care?

    Did you give them bark or anything to molt from? More specifically, can you keep them with Eublaberus sp. "Ivory"? Thanks, Arthroverts
  10. Arthroverts

    New Invertebrate Club in Southern California!

    The meeting is over, and wow! Joe Rossi provided us with some awesome information and showed us some beautiful Ts, Chanda hosted and gave us a tour of her invertebrate room, and we got to meet 3 new members! All around an awesome meeting, thanks again to Chanda and Joe Rossi for helping to make it happen! I traded for a 5i Phidippus adumbratus with Sloth (one of the new members from Arachnoboards), and picked up some Blaberus giganteus from Chanda. Thank you both! We also discussed the new logo, which I will be sharing soon, and we handed out some calendars, which I will also share. Many thanks to everyone who helped make this meeting happen! Thanks, Arthroverts
  11. Arthroverts

    If Roaches Used Social Media...

    SirUblaberus said: Well, if that works for you, go ahead, I guess. Just don't blame me if your the first one they pick to be traded... #roachworldproblems RunsRed said: I'm so quick, the keeper stopped coming to my cage to try and feed me to his horrible spiders, and he now goes to the Panchlora bin because he'd rather deal with them flying and burrowing then trying to catch me and my pals, and I'm so quick, the males can't catch me, and I'm so quick, I get the first spot at the food, and I'm so quick, I can get away from the rain quicker than anybody else, and I'm so quick...
  12. Arthroverts

    If Roaches Used Social Media...

    SIrUblaberus said: @Arthur Aeluropoda, you guys go for the top spot in the tank? For us Eublaberus we go for the bottom, as far away from the cruel sun that comes on, off, on, off whenever a human comes in as possible. #lowlife
  13. Arthroverts

    New Invertebrate Club in Southern California!

    The meeting is upon us! Joe Rossi will be going over breeding tarantulas, making a cheap incubator, etc etc., and we will have an open Q and A afterwards. More information in the Google Group. Thanks, Arthroverts
  14. Arthroverts

    Red Runner Feeders

    You might want to post this in the classifieds, you'll get more views there. Arthroverts
  15. Arthroverts

    Carnivorous mole cricket!

    That is too cool! I'd love to keep some mole crickets one day. Thanks for sharing! Arthroverts
  16. Arthroverts

    If Roaches Used Social Media...

    SirUblaberus said: Good day fellow roaches! First post on the brand new Insectgram! #firstpost #Eublaberusforever MasterTherea said: Whattup everyone? Just got some nice roach jelly, boy is it good, at least when I can get to it! #yummyjelly
  17. Hey all, I had bought some 12+ Therea petiveriana a while back (about a year or two ago). I raised two to maturity (unfortunately they didn't breed), but then the group just sort of died out it seemed. I was recently using the old substrate in their cage for some isopod enclosures, and I noticed something moving! I sifted through the substrate and found seven juveniles! All of them had been surviving in a low moisture, low food environment for at least six months, because I thought they had all died. I am still shocked. I guess roaches, even more sensitive ones like Therea petiveriana, still possess that incredible hardiness that has come to define the amazing insects known as "cockroaches". Anyway, just wanted to share that with all of you, and ask the question: When have your roaches defied the odds and survived? Thanks, Arthroverts
  18. Arthroverts

    The Roaches Survive...Again!

    Wow, that is amazing @Hisserdude and @Axolotl! Roaches sure are resilient, that is for sure. Thanks, Arthroverts
  19. Arthroverts

    Southern California Invertebrate Club Launching!

    Next meeting June 15th, 10:00-11:30 AM in Redlands. Please see main thread for more information. Thanks, Arthroverts
  20. Arthroverts

    New Invertebrate Club in Southern California!

    Next meeting set for June 15th, 10:00-11:30 in Redlands; one of our members from Arachnoboards, Chanda, has been kind enough to open her house up to us! Which means I think we can bring invertebrates to this venue ;). More information in the club Google Group. Also, Joe Rossi (tarantula and true spider vendor/breeder who has been in the hobby for many years and seen a lot of cool species of all sorts of invertebrates) may be able to come and speak at the meeting on some aspects of the hobby, so if you would like to save on shipping and pick up some cool stuff, let either him or me know that you are interested in placing an order for pickup at the meeting. Thanks, Arthroverts
  21. Arthroverts

    New Invertebrate Club in Southern California!

    Hey y'all, on second thought, if you want to show up at 10:00 and go in together, that is fine, but if not, I should be there for about 2 hours, so you can just try and find me! LOL, good luck! Thanks, Jessiah
  22. Arthroverts

    New Invertebrate Club in Southern California!

    The next meeting is going to be on the 18th of this month, around 10:00 AM at the Bug Fair at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum. We'll likely meet at the entrance when we get a time hammered out, and then go in together. Looking forward to seeing all who can make it! Thanks, Arthroverts
  23. Arthroverts

    New Invertebrate Club in Southern California!

    The meeting is upon us! Who is coming? I have got a few creatures I might be bringing depending on the demand, and I am curious to hear how everyone's collections are doing! Thanks, Arthroverts
  24. Arthroverts

    New Invertebrate Club in Southern California!

    O.K everyone, the next meeting is going to be on April 27th (Saturday), 10:00 to 11:00-11:30 AM at the Arlington Garden in Pasadena, 275 Arlington Dr, Pasadena, CA 91105. I look forward to seeing whoever can make it! Thanks, Arthroverts
  25. Arthroverts

    New Invertebrate Club in Southern California!

    O.K, I think we are just going to have to cancel, since we only have three people who say they are going to be coming. I am really sorry about this everyone, I should have given everyone more notice and planned this meeting a little better. I have been recently swamped with a lot of stuff to take care of, which is why the meeting place was a bit fluid at times, but I will definitely do a better job of making sure everything is in place about a week before the actual meeting next time. Also, I think we should consider meeting bi-monthly (once every two months) with maybe a hike or expo trip on the off months. I will post a poll on that soon. Thanks, Arthroverts