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  1. Arthroverts

    Armadillidium hybrids

    Yeah, I noticed these are being sold as well. Does that mean they aren't sterile hybrids? Thanks, Arthroverts
  2. Arthroverts

    Arenivaga floridensis "Tampa"

    Fantastic... Thanks for sharing, Arthroverts
  3. Considering how messed up hobby Hisser species are, I strongly recommend not keeping any two different species together, even if they themselves are already hybrids. Thanks, Arthroverts
  4. Arthroverts

    What CAN'T I feed my roaches?

    Broccoli and cauliflower were eaten about as much as the plastic lid is... Thanks, Arthroverts
  5. Arthroverts

    shipping questions

    Late to the conversation but I use Phase 22 cryopacks and homemade cool packs made out of expanded water crystals that have been frozen. Both work great. Thanks, Arthroverts
  6. Arthroverts

    Amateur Pure Hobby Hisser "Key"

    Excellent information here. This is going on the Other Resources page on my blog... Thanks for sharing, Arthroverts
  7. Arthroverts

    Room temp roaches.

    I think you can, I haven't seen anything against it. I was mostly joking at the time of that post however. Thanks, Arthroverts
  8. Arthroverts

    ICSC June Meeting

    The June meeting for the Invertebrate Club of Southern California will be through Skype, on the 20th (Saturday), from 10:00-11:30 AM. Meeting link pending. No guest speaker this time. Looking forward to discussing invertebrates with all y'all! Thanks, Arthroverts
  9. Arthroverts

    Armadillidium hybrids

    Wow, this is really good to know. Keep us updated, looking forward to seeing how this ends up. Thanks for sharing, Arthroverts
  10. Arthroverts

    ICSC May Meeting

    Hello all, the May Meeting will be the 16th, from 10:00-11:30 AM, most likely on Skype. Still looking at keeping meetings virtual due to covid-19. While this does have disadvantages and I'd much rather meet in person, it does allow us some flexibility in terms of speakers. Stay tuned for more info on that. Looking forward to seeing all who can make it! Thanks, Arthroverts
  11. Arthroverts

    ICSC May Meeting

    Meeting tomorrow! Looking forward to seeing all who can make it. Link to meeting pending. Thanks, Arthroverts
  12. Arthroverts

    Hi there from indiana

    Welcome to the forums, may you find all that you seek on here! Trading is perfectly fine, though you should advertise in the Classifieds sub-forum. Thanks, Arthroverts
  13. Arthroverts

    Legs and Leaf Hats

    Ah, I am beginning to understand. The interest has always been there, but the ability has not. Thanks, Arthroverts
  14. Arthroverts

    Legs and Leaf Hats

    Huh. Seems to me you have gotten more scorpions as of late. You trying to tell me something? Do fellow bloggers get a discount 😜? Thanks, Arthroverts
  15. Arthroverts

    Legs and Leaf Hats

    "Your move towards the arachnid side of the hobby perturbs me Lord AAA..." "Most pleasing, it is, to see you know of the light..." Ha ha, just kidding. You do seem to have developed more of an interest in scorpions however @All About Arthropods as of late; any particular reason why? Thanks, Arthroverts
  16. Arthroverts

    Happy Earth Day!

    I'm a lil' late to the show, but Happy Earth Day! May Creation be renewed in these times. Thanks, Arthroverts
  17. That's too bad. These large species are certainly being a pain to get established in captivity. Thanks, Arthroverts
  18. Arthroverts

    Room temp roaches.

    Thank you! Hopefully gonna get some more roach photos in soon with the April post. Are you alluding to something else however...? Thanks, Arthroverts
  19. Arthroverts

    Room temp roaches.

    Well, shipping prices went up where I am (though I need to check with the actual post office and not just the local private mailing center), and I already have done quite a few trades recently, so I need to conserve what funds I have. Now that you brought it up however, why do you ask? Thanks, Arthroverts
  20. Arthroverts

    Importing roaches

    I agree with @Allpet Roaches. Plus, there isn't really a need to run the risk of brown-boxing when you can get pure specimens from Magnificent Exotics or Roach Crossing. Thanks, Arthroverts
  21. Arthroverts

    Room temp roaches.

    That is incredible! And to think I'm down to three specimens...do you sell 🤣? Just kidding, I'm running low on invertebrate cash right now with a bunch of other projects going on... Thanks, Arthroverts
  22. Any updates with this @Xenoblatta? Or does anyone know what happened with the project? Thanks, Arthroverts
  23. Arthroverts

    If Roaches Used Social Media...

    DefinitelyDeropeltis said: ...soooo don't take Mantid Airways y'all. I made it to Florida, but you know how they say "Roach shall not live by defensive secretions alone?" They must have been kidding, you need them on an airline like Mantid Airways; it is NOT roach-friendly. 5 stars for service, 0 stars for protecting their passengers. Anyway, I'm here! Where all the other Deropeltis who said they were coming? #ruletheworld #deropeltis4life #MantidAirways=Junk
  24. ...What would they say? Hello everyone! I got the idea to start this from a National Geographic Kids magazine, and on Arachnoboards there is already Fangbook for arachnids. So I thought, the roaches have got to have a social media platform too! We can all pretend to be a few roaches (or other insects) chatting on Insectgram. Example: MistaHissa said: Gettin' ready to molt out to adulthood, I'll let ya know when I finish, here I come world! How's it over there @HalliHallowHisser? #molt_to_adult And eventually I'll add a few more creatures. The rest of you can also add roaches and other Insects, and speak what you think they might say. Here are a few rules: Please, let us not have 50 people all doing the same kind of invertebrate, but do them as all different individuals of various species. Just two or three of the same kind for now. Please no profanity or adult talk, remember, your saying what you think the creature your representing would post on social media. Also, don't hijack someone else's critter, there are plenty to go around. Posting pictures is definitely recommended, such as a selfie (Of the critter your representing of course). Follow the temperament of your critters too, no super calm Pachlora sp. 😆. Thats all for now, hope you all like it. Thanks Arthroverts
  25. Arthroverts


    Nope, but I have heard of them making excellent millipede food, so... Thanks, Arthroverts