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  1. Oh I didn't see the pictures, I was too focused on the text description (which left me quite confused to be honest, as I am not a insect wings expert ) ! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer again, it was incredibly helpful and it gives me the perfect material to work ! All the best !
  2. Thanks for using your good skills ! It's very helpful ! Do you think that the hindwings are similar to the hindwings of other cave roaches ? (now that I think of it, I was wrong in my first post using the term "elytras" instead of "forewings"..) The book is made to show beautiful and fun insects to shed a new light on them ! I hope it will be distributed in the USA, that would be very cool (so far it will just be in western Europe, and maybe Japan)
  3. Hello everybody ! I'm an illustrator and I'm currently working on a book about insects (kind of a pop-up book for children in which you can lift the wings of an insect to see underneath for example). I would like to feature in this book the beautiful Simandoa Conserfariam, but unfortunately, I cannot find a picture with a view under the elytras of the full abdomen and the wings (I read that the simandoa have fully developed wings). I contacted shops and even a Natural History Museum, but in vain ! (the museum didn't have a specimen) So I was wondering if one of you guys had some informations on that subject ! Hope I'm posting this in the right forum :) Thank you !!