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  1. I just throw some hemp seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and shredded coconut in a coffee grinder. Granted that I always have those seeds on hand for my consumption (except coconut but it's pretty cheap). The roaches seem to like it and I haven't had any problem with roaches or mites infesting the colonies.
  2. Longhorn1234

    Isopods slowly dying off

    Oniscidea is the suborder I believe. Is that all it said? They normally tell you what species they are.
  3. Longhorn1234

    Isopods slowly dying off

    Personally, I have never had any die when introduced in a new enclosure. Are the banana peels organic? If they're not organic, they could have some pesticide residue. I'm not sure this is the issue, but it's something to think about.
  4. Longhorn1234

    What do you use for substrate?

    I normally do 2 parts of coco fiber, 2 parts of sphagnum moss, 1 part of coco husk chips, and 1/2 part of charcoal. Then I just add some decent amount of crushed leaves and mix it all up. So far I haven't had any problems with that. Edit: I honestly don't know if it really matters the amounts of each haha
  5. Longhorn1234

    What do you use for substrate?

    The substrate I use is coco fiber, sphagnum moss, coco husk chips, crushed dried leaves, and charcoal. Then a layer of leaf litter and bark/branches for hiding. I use the same substrate for all roaches and isopods. The only thing that changes is how dry/moist the substrate must stay depending on the specie
  6. Longhorn1234

    Rotting wood

    How should rotting wood feel to the touch? I've read on other forums that good rotting wood should be white to pale yellow and easily crumble. I found a log that meet those requirements but it also feels "spongy" and soft. Is that normal or should it be hard to the touch but still crumble?
  7. Longhorn1234

    Hello from Indy

    Welcome! What species do you keep?
  8. Longhorn1234

    Suggest me a species!

    These are based on species I keep, but my favorites are Eublaberus sp. "Ivory" and Blaberus craniifer (which you already have) for non-climbing species. Climbing species I like Panchlora nivea and Gina centurio. Although p. nivea adults are escape artists, but nothing that a gasket bin can't fix.
  9. Any update on the half and half guy?
  10. How do people who sell surinam roaches sort through and count them?
  11. If I remember correctly, the scientific name was changed and is now Pseudoglomeris magnifica
  12. I keep my colony in a balcony closet year round. In the winter, the temperatures normally get as low as 40 in there and my colony is still alive. I honestly feel like there are more roaches than 3 months ago, so they might have reproduced even in the cold temperatures, but it does seem at a slower rate than in the hot summer months.
  13. Females also have wings, but I believe males have longer wings