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  1. Longhorn1234

    Rhino roaches

    Thanks hisserdude!
  2. Longhorn1234

    Introducing myself

    I have been a member of this forum for a while now but never introduce myself. I have been keeping roaches and isopods for about a year now. I started keeping roaches as feeders but then I fell in love and now I keep them as pets. Anyway, just wanted to say it's great being part of this amazing forum and I hope I can keep learning from all of the experts out there!
  3. Longhorn1234

    Rhino roaches

    How many instars do rhino roaches go through before reaching adulthood?
  4. Longhorn1234

    Suggestions for odd/unique inverts to breed?

    I second grasshoppers or katydids. I think they are cool looking and can be used as feeders, and as you know chams love them. Mantids would be another cool option but do seem to require more work and space.
  5. Longhorn1234

    Ideas on how to collect P. americana from my school

    Do you have any wooded areas around where you live? You can try looking in the leaf litter for tiny nymphs
  6. Freshly molted A. Tesselata with its molt next to it.
  7. Longhorn1234

    Are these things suitable for an enclosure?

    This is also the first time I've heard of nuts being harmful. I always see people on another forum using nuts as part of their gutload (fed to roaches) and doesn't seem to be a problem. As for the acorns I read on some articles that you need to leach the tannins off the acorns, as too much tannins can be harmful. But again, how much is too much? Also, the article was talking about acorns as human food. No scientific journal or article though.
  8. Longhorn1234

    Are these things suitable for an enclosure?

    Thank you for your response. I'm going to test some of these things with a small group and see what happens
  9. Longhorn1234

    Are these things suitable for an enclosure?

    Thanks for that info. I also read that Mexican buckeye has poisonous seeds and mildly poisonous pods. Acorns have a lot of tannins which apparently is also harmful.
  10. I have been trying to make my enclosures look more natural, so I was thinking of adding "decorations." Do you know if the following items could be problematic to roaches if ingested or just by being in the enclosure? Acorns Magnolia pods Mesquite pods Pecan pods Mexican buckeye pods Pine cones I have seen other stuff for sale on websites like Ram's head and Rabbit ears but I rather just pick them up myself and those are some of the things I have available around here. Thanks!
  11. Longhorn1234

    How often do you feed?

    I only have 8 colonies and feed 3 times a week
  12. Longhorn1234

    Peppered roach and giant cave roach deaths

    Ah yes, the pictures thing. I still have no idea how to upload pictures haha
  13. Longhorn1234

    Peppered roach and giant cave roach deaths

    I've never used orchid bark, I just use coconut husk chips and sphagnum moss to aerate the substrate (coco fiber). Hopefully someone who has more experience with orchid bark can chime in. But if your other roaches have no problems then it's most likely not the orchid bark.
  14. Longhorn1234

    Peppered roach and giant cave roach deaths

    If I remember correctly, pine is toxic because of some natural chemicals in them. I am not sure on other softwoods such as fir. But then again, some people use cypress mulch with no problem. So I wonder if it's just pine or all softwoods that are toxic. It seems that to be safe people just say stay away from softwoods and use hardwoods instead. Again, I'm not saying that the orchid bark caused this. But I do wonder if that's a possibility, other than you just got old roaches.
  15. Longhorn1234

    Peppered roach and giant cave roach deaths

    That sucks. Hopefully the rest of your giant cave roaches stay healthy and reproduce. Do you use orchid bark with your other roaches? I always read that you should avoid soft woods but then I've seen some people use orchid bark in their enclosures with no problems (orchid bark is usually made with softwood, I believe). Hopefully someone more experienced will chime in.