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  1. Thank you for replying. I've been in the middle of a move, meant to respond sooner. I got mine from Cape cod roaches. There were definitely some giants, they were much bigger and noticeably acted different(liked to fly). They died, but there are still a lot of nymphs. I've found some adults, but they were tiny, looking like regulars. Haven't seen any large adults since. I've had them for probably 8 months or so(can't remember exactly).
  2. How would I know if I'm seeing giant green males or regular males?
  3. I use all of those seeds as well lol, thanks for responsing
  4. Going on a post spree today lol... anyway, was wondering if some ody could recommend a staple protein source for roach colonies that isn't dog/cat/fish/etc food. Some of my roaches get fed off to chameleons and I'd prefer they only eat vegan sources if possible. Maybe some sort of seeds or nuts that would be affordable+nutritious?
  5. So I bought these a while back, I could definitely tell what I think were the giant females. They were noticeably larger. I'm not sure if the others are males, or regular banana roaches. Im also unsure if they can hybridize if they happen to be mixed together... I'd really like to get a steady colony of giants going, but I haven't seen any of the really large(relatively speaking) ones in a long time. Mainly just nymphs. I recently put them in a new bin without isopods stressing them out so hopefully that helps with the breeding.
  6. Jimbobtom

    Mold on cork bark?

    These actually showed up in my snail bin out of nowhere, they must be the ones you're talking about. They seemed to do just enough cleaning while not seeming to bother the snails any. Which is nice with how messy they can be, but also sensitive to stress from cleaners running around.
  7. Jimbobtom

    Mold on cork bark?

    I think I know the ones you're talking about. Any idea where to get them?
  8. Jimbobtom

    What do you use for substrate?

    My buddy does tree removal. He does some big oak trees.... was wondering if the wood chips/leaves would make a good addition to the substrate? I could probably get some big bags of them.
  9. Jimbobtom

    Mold on cork bark?

    I haven't added any springtails just because I didn't want them to annoy the roaches. Think they'd be fine?
  10. I use cuttlebone in with my isopod colonies, but not usually in my other bins. I probably should! Good points though, my primary cuc across the board is porcellio dilatatus.
  11. Jimbobtom

    Mold on cork bark?

    Thank you, I had a feeling it could be due to that. I normally never sterilize cork bark, but it was previously used in another bin. Is the green mold harmful, will it hurt the banana roaches? If not I was thinking of just burying it like you said. In the past when mold has grown on bark due to food sitting on it too long, I've just covered it in the substrate and the mold disappeared. BTW the mold is the color of lichen you'd see growing on a tree
  12. Jimbobtom

    Mold on cork bark?

    So I just boiled some cork bark and put it in a new bin for my banana roaches. It got some green mold growing over it now after a couple days. I've never had cork bark grow mold before and all of the substrate is new. The bin is no more humid than others I've used... any idea what's up with this?
  13. Jimbobtom

    What do you use for substrate?

    Great, thank you! So when people mention rotting wood, where exactly do you get that?
  14. Jimbobtom

    What do you use for substrate?

    Does it really matter how much, or just mix some in?
  15. Was wondering what you all use in your substrate mix, mainly regarding species like: P Nivea Pycnoscelus surinamensis Archimandrita tesselata Blaberus giganteus Gyna centurio/lurida/caffrorum Hissers Etc... I was using orchid bark, but was told it could be harmful, any thoughts? I've also heard adding charcoal can help keep the substrate fresh... Is this true? Right now I plan to use coco coir, oak litter, possibly charcoal?, and sphagnum moss. Also using cork bark for hiding/climbing. Anything else I should add? Anything I should remove or make sure not to use? Anything species specific to mix in? This is a roach forum, but if anyone feels like answering, would this also make a suitable substrate for isopods? Sorry for so many questions. Just redoing all of my bins and want to make sure I have everything perfect.