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  1. Jimbobtom

    Mulberry, grape, fig, hibiscus leaves?

    Thanks guys. I was wondering about the fig, mulberry, and grape leaves. In the fall they die and I have a bunch for leaf litter. And during the spring/summer was thinking of using them as a fresh food source(if any of my colonies will eat them). I know the fig and mulberry have latex sap, but I'm not sure if that bothers the roaches at all. I know for people to eat them they need dried out(or risk stomach upset/rash).
  2. I already add oak leaves to pretty much all of my natural enclosures. Was wondering if anyone keeps species that enjoy these types of leaves. I'm pretty sure they're all safe and nutritious. In the winter a lot of their leaves drop, was thinking of using them as leaf litter/food. I offer them fresh and green too as food/gutload, but my roaches don't really seem interested in eating them. I keep chameleons primarily, but have roaches as feeders/pets. I try to make sure whatever they're eating is also nutritious for the chams. So just interested in hearing your thoughts on using these leaves(or any others).
  3. Isnt leaf litter high in tannins? and I was also made aware awhile back that orchid bark may not be great. I've used all of that and more(before I knew) and all 15 of my colonies still seem to be doing well. I know that probably doesn't help much, but figured I'd share my experience.
  4. Jimbobtom

    Peppered roach and giant cave roach deaths

    Got some pictures... bins are 2 feet long x 1 foot high, and a foot front to back. Have about 3ish-4inches substrate. The cork bark was actually on its sides more vertically, but I ripped it all apart when I was looking for any survivors so that's why a lot is laying down flat. .... well now I cant upload. Apparently the size isn't right?
  5. Jimbobtom

    Peppered roach and giant cave roach deaths

    Man, I never even thought about that. I just added it in because I know people use it in some bio substrates for reptiles. I do know that pine is no bueno, but didn't cross my mind with orchid bark. I can say none of my other roaches seem to have problems with it. All my roaches have substrate other than my orangeheads and dubia, but I'm going to eventually change them over as well.
  6. Jimbobtom

    Peppered roach and giant cave roach deaths

    Interesting, I never heard of that. What's bad about it? I just randomly add it to most of my substrate mixes. Never thought it could be problematic.
  7. Jimbobtom

    Peppered roach and giant cave roach deaths

    Yeah they were adults, I'm kind of wondering that, they never seemed that active from the start. The giant cave roaches were though and I even found one of those dead(and it was a larger nymph). I used some orchid bark in the substrate and the leaf litter is just from a bag I ordered on Josh's frogs(live oak).
  8. Jimbobtom

    Peppered roach and giant cave roach deaths

    I'll have to go measure the bins. I did angle the cork vertically and have some overhangs for climbing. Maybe it'd help if I got a picture for you guys.
  9. Jimbobtom

    Peppered roach and giant cave roach deaths

    No other roaches had problems and I use the same for all of them 90% carrots with about the other 10% being random organic food scraps and swiss chard from the garden. Nothing that isn't organic goes into the bins. I think all I've fed them is different leafy greens, carrots, and leaf litter with a little bit of seeds and other vegan protein sources.
  10. Jimbobtom

    Anyone keep giant bananas?

    Great... I must have been throwing males into my regular banana colony. Should I be worrying? These guys are a little difficult to handle as mentioned, but my chameleons go nuts for them. I liked the idea of having the giants because the small ones are so tiny. Even the giants are small for chameleons, but they add great variety and I let some of them live in the cham enclosures as part of the bio crew.
  11. Jimbobtom

    Anyone keep giant bananas?

    Wow, that clears up a lot thank you! Didn't know all winged insects can't grow... very interesting! So is there any risk of hybridization with giants and regulars being in the same bin?
  12. I have some of these, bought them a few times and it seems like a lot of them are just regular banana roaches with a few being the giants. Do they continually grow once they turn green and grow wings?
  13. Okay to start, they are in separate bins, but these are my latest roach species and the only ones that are having problems. I got 3 adult peppereds(all of which slowed down and died) and 5 mixed size giant cave roaches(just found 1 dead, but others running around seemingly fine) when I purchased. I keep all of my roaches in a heated, unfinished basement room(I live in PA, gets cold in the winter). There are lots of spiders and occasionally some get into the bins, but none of them are dangerous or large. Not sure if that could cause any of the problems. I also found some flies on the dead ones. Looked like large tan gnats that hopped around, I suspect could be phorid, but there were only like 2-3. The room is about 75 at the floor up to mid/high 80s at ceiling. I kept both my peppered and cave roach bins in the center, around 80 give or take. Everything I keep in the room with great success so far: Regular hissers , Halloween hissers, dubia, orangehead, ivory, discoid, yellow porcelain, centurion, chrome, surinams, banana, giant banana I kept the peppered and giant caves in similar bin set ups... few inches moist coco fiber/moss/leaf litter/bark substrate with cork bark on top. Lids with a few large holes. Springtails/isopod CuC. Might be some darkling beetles as well. I'd like to try these again, but want to figure out what the deal was and make sure if I fix any problems. If there's anything I should change, or any info I left out, let me know! Thanks for reading
  14. Jimbobtom

    Surinam roaches

    Thanks. Figured I'd find a place to learn more about these critters. What species are you keeping these days?
  15. Jimbobtom

    Any roach species you mix?

    Interesting I wouldn't have thought they could hybridize. Learn something new everyday hah. I don't keep them in there long term, I go out to the garage every few weeks and grab a few dozen for that bin and feed them high quality food to be fed off. They dont get a chance to breed or anything like that. And I dont put them back in the main colonies. Thanks for the list of species you mix, glad to hear that it works well for some.