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  1. So the person i got my hissing and Halloween roaches from (Gromphadorhina portentosa and Elliptorhina javanica) said that they can't crossbreed but i read online that they can? im hoping they can crossbreed but i would like to know if they can or not so i dont waste time hoping they can
  2. ghastslayercat

    Yellow Dubia Breeding Program

    This is just neat, keep up the good work, i found a lot of red pigment in my dubia roach's so im gonna try selectively breeding mine, thx for inspiration btw
  3. ghastslayercat

    Keeping Dubia Roaches with red-Runners

    one of the females has layed an egg case, meant to say this a few days ago but site was down
  4. ghastslayercat

    Keeping Dubia Roaches with red-Runners

    i can basically confirm its safe if your not keeping the 2 for breeding, stay tuned if you want to see if they breed fine or not
  5. ghastslayercat

    Roach Discord server?

    Hey i made a roach discord, its still new, idk if im allowed to post invites but if im not ill remove this post or edit it-https://discord.gg/kTB9MrV
  6. ghastslayercat

    Keeping Dubia Roaches with red-Runners

    thx, it might be a bit before the red runners breed as i have very few and only one adult at the moment but yah i will keep you updated and thx for being interested
  7. ghastslayercat

    Keeping Dubia Roaches with red-Runners

    i checked them out while cleaning colony and they seem to be getting along fine, i saw some of the dubias chilling with the red runners in peace
  8. So as an experiment im keeping a tiny amount of Red-Runners with my Dubias to see if they cope, so far they are doing fine with each other, i will try to get pics and i will keep you updated with how there coping, if you have questions let me know and ill reply as soon as possible