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  1. PeterMurphy

    ID these bugs found in Dubia bin

    My friend was very curious to start a colony of Blaptica dubia. He did and is crazy about them. He has 1 male and 3 female. But now he is also noticing some bugs in his dubia cage. It was hurting them. When consulted with the professionals Rocklin pest control they suggested to spray the entire room and home foundation. It seems that the infestation was quite big. During the process, the cage was shifted in my home. After the treatment, it is all fine now!
  2. PeterMurphy

    DIY Modified Sterilite Gasket Tubs from Target

    How are the colonies now?
  3. PeterMurphy

    Millipedes and fungus gnats

    Yeah, very well said. I agree.