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  1. Auz

    Gyna capucina (Pink Roach)

  2. Auz

    L. verrucosa stuck in shed

    update: I put him out of his suffering after trying to see if I could help. I know this is part of the hobby, but this is my first experience dealing with this. I was not looking forward to it. On the bright side, the rest of my small colony looks to be healthy.
  3. Auz

    L. verrucosa stuck in shed

    I was afraid of that.
  4. Hi, this morning i noticed one of my L. verrucosa trying to shed. Three hours later, it hasn't made any progress... I misted the container again in hopes of that helping, it is usually pretty humid in there though. Picture is attached below. Any advice is welcome 😕 image- https://imgur.com/j2Dyrbk
  5. Auz

    Arizona Inverts

    I just watched this! Super cool stuff. I'd love to do that sometime, but only in a big group of people so I didn't look crazy
  6. Auz

    Nymph ID

    Is is possible it's a Hemiblabera tenebricosa? They're native to Florida so that isn't terribly far away. Although my knowledge on them and what their nymphs look like is virtually nonexistent lol
  7. Auz

    Hormetica strumosa

    hahah yeah! maybe one day FTLOC can get a second edition
  8. Auz

    Hormetica strumosa

    You and me both! Their coloring and horns are just so unique. I hope more general info/pics of them come out. I'm bummed they're not in For The Love of Cockroaches 😢 haha
  9. Auz

    Hormetica strumosa

    Ah, okay. I couldn't find much info on them so I wasn't sure about how long they'd take to reach maturity, breed, etc. Looking forward to them being available again
  10. Auz

    Hormetica strumosa

    These are gorgeous! Just curious how they're doing in the hobby now that this thread is a year and a half old?
  11. Wow, they are very pretty! yeah, that makes sense. I can relate to getting a little lazy once everything's going well
  12. ahh, so what Orin references in his books is Vittata? aka, Clown Roaches? Interesting. I was curious if things had changed much since the book's release. Are there more info on Histrio so that I can understand the differences? If there's a resource explaining which roaches are the most sought after/rare, that'd be a really interesting topic! I have learned about so many new and rare roaches these past few days, it really interests me. Also, yeah the points about forgetfulness killing a lot of cultures makes sense. I know I'm forgetful for the couple of small species I have. I'd hope that people who knowly have a rare species would take extra care with them, but I suppose we all have our days? lol
  13. Auz

    Bantua sp. "Namibia"

    neat! I never heard of these, it's very interesting that they produce a waxy substance to keep them from dehydrating much like a blue death feigning beetle I assume?
  14. I was looking through the For the Love of Cockroaches book and ran across Hemithyrsocera Histrio. Doing some searching on this forum, it seems like they were considered very rare in the hobby just a few years ago. The book suggested that eventually the roach would breed well enough that it wouldn't be all that rare. I wasn't sure where they stand in the hobby? Are they still one of the most rare roaches? How easily could I get my hands on some if I so choose?