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  1. I bought them from a pet store and I can't tell how reliable that method is haha. I'm curious about whether they're hybrids or real Madagascar hissers. But no matter the result I will still love them the same because they're just precious. I took pictures of a male here, don't have any of the other 3 just yet. https://m.imgur.com/a/69cf82U The difference between them is the colour of the spots they have on the side (as seen in the pictures). From memory, another one has white ones instead, and two don't have any spots.
  2. I wasn't thinking they were purebred (hence asking her in confusion if that's what she meant), but considering them for being part of mine. I'd love to know what they are hybrids of, since they were labelled G. portentosa when I bought them I assume they may be part that. But G. oblongata and vanwaerebeki share some markings which mine have, so I'm wondering which of the two these markings could come from as either is a possibility I think. Hmm. Also nice to know you're lurking on fb too 😁
  3. What do you think about Princisia vanwaerebeki for these? The pattern looks like it could be from either oblongata or them, and Princisia vanwaerebeki seem to be very common here in Germany.
  4. Mine only seem to like fish food and apple so far, but I want to give them some variety (besides different fish foods lol). They seem to love gammarus and the flakes the most, but eventually crunch on any of the fish food I offer. Any other kind of fruits or such they seemed unimpressed by so far. What are the favourite foods of your hissers?
  5. Tried some different foods, they seem to like hazelnuts and walnuts but were unimpressed by cashews (slight nibble) and ignored almonds. Bananas seem to be a big love. A bit of fresh cauliflower got devoured quite quickly as well. They don't take kibble at all, so praise high protein fish food :d
  6. If mine get enough offspring some day I'd definitely sell them labelled as hybrids so people know what they are getting, I find it kind of irritating and dishonest that many people don't do that. There would be nothing wrong with their existence if people wouldn't keep mislabeling them all the time and cause confusion, imo. I personally really enjoy their black colouration, spots and size, that one female of mine is an absolute unit compared to the others lol. πŸ‘Œ TheyοΏΌ are really calm with each other despite the occasional argument of the males, once they've settled it they hang out fine together as well. One gently tried to eat me the other day by nibbling on my finger, they're just precious πŸ˜™
  7. Thank you! Yeah they do look a lot like oblongata with these spots. I was looking at a picture with the different horns of males but I can't tell the differences between hybrids and species for the life of me. I'm certainly better at isopod identification :d At least they're just goth like me πŸ’€ I hope their offspring will be as gorgeous as they are.
  8. How can I tell? And I have no idea where they get their hissers from, may have to ask them directly. God knows if they were even labelled with the correct species in the first place (if they're hybrids it'd be wrong either way but still lol) Here's the rest of the gang, one of the females is quite big and the other got some pretty black and white going on. Very tempted to name the little gang of four as they're so visibly different from each other. https://m.imgur.com/a/uOzXeDw
  9. Supposedly many winged species have a defense smell or so I've been told. My warty glowspots (Lucihormetica verrucosa) are little stinkers lol. Their enclosure certainly smells of them, when I handle them they don't smell unless I accidentally scared them beforehand.