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  1. In addition to the species that were deregulated, I found a whole myriad of roach species native to my state that I'd like to keep. They are- Ischnoptera deropeltiformis Supella longipalpa Ectobius pallidus Cryptocercuc punctulatus Parcoblatta uthleriana Parcoblatta divisa Does anyone know how to find any of these species? I know how to find the parcoblatta sp, but does anyone know how to find the rest?
  2. mantisfan101

    LIttle kenyan roaches as feeders

    Banana roaches seem appealing, and since they can fly it would be more appealing to certain mantid species. I decided to go for red runners since I've always kept live-bearers and I wsnted to try out a species that laid ooths. As for the compsodes schwarzi, where could you get a colony of these? Are these prolific enough to be used as a feeder? And most importantly, would it be legal to transport them?
  3. mantisfan101

    Cryptocercus wrighti

    Man, the nymphs really do look like termites...
  4. mantisfan101

    Nauphoeta cinerea as feeders

    NIce, I was just going to ask why red runners weren't deregulated! Also, how big are hatchling red runners? Are they like 3-4 mm long?
  5. mantisfan101

    LIttle kenyan roaches as feeders

    Ah, didn't see that. Also, do you know which of the roaches that were deregulated would be able to provide the smallest nymphs? I'm kind of tired of using fruit flies and I want something small enough to be able to feed my wolf spider slings and baby L1 mantids(Texas Unicorn).
  6. How are these guys as feeders? I was thinking of feeding them to smaller mantis nymphs and maybe even feed off any hatchlings to some L1 instar mantids. Are these easy to care for? Do they reproduce quickly? Any care tips are appreciated!
  7. mantisfan101

    Nauphoeta cinerea as feeders

    After a certain number of roaches were deregulated, I decided to start a feeder roach colony and these caught my attention. I can't keep red runners since they're still not legal and look too much like normal pet roaches(we're from the city and I'm used to seeing massive American roaches scurrying in my garage) and dubias grow too slowly and are too big so I decided to settle on lobster roaches. What's care like for these guys? I'm considering setting up a small tupperware bin and fill it with some egg crates and feed them apples, oranges, fish food, dog food, and lettuce. I have a heat mat I can use to provide extra heat. I've heard that they breed like crazy but I haven't really had any luck with breeding any species, not even hissers. Any tips on care are well appreciated!
  8. The top looks like B. Craniifer while the bottom looks like archimandrita.