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  1. mantisfan101

    Porcellio magnificus

    I personally prefer the larger porcellio compared to the newer cubaris sp...awesome picture!
  2. mantisfan101

    Red runner ootheca hatch time

    It can take a couple months, definitely longer at 65-69 degrees. I have mine in a deli cup in a larger container with wet paper towels underneath a heat lamp that stays at a constant 80-90 F. Most ooths take about 2 months to hatch. If the ooth has any notable dents or wrinkles on it, then it likely dried up.
  3. mantisfan101

    What would you find?

    That’s a lot of feeder roaches right there...with that said, I’d definitely go for megablatta longipennis
  4. mantisfan101

    Red runner extreme die off

    There were like 20 left and yeah, I think cramming almost 300 roaches into a 32 oz deli cup was probably the main problem. I acquired another colony and I mixed the two together to avoid inbreeding and they seem to be doing ok, laid a bunch of ooths but none of them hatched yet. On average, how long does it take for the egg cases to hatch? They were all laid around Mid-November and still have yet to hatch.
  5. mantisfan101

    Red runner extreme die off

    Bump, someone please help, I’m down to 50 right now, they just keep falling over and can’t seem to get back up. I don’t see any twitching or signs of pesticides at all
  6. mantisfan101

    Red runner extreme die off

    I ordered 280+ res runners off of ebay and when I got them Infound them all crammed into a 32 oz deli cup. I put them im their steuo and I noticed that some of them had died. I was told that the heat lamp that I kept them under probably was frying them, so I removed them from the heat lamp. In the next couple hours I found another 20+ dead. I moved them into another enclosure. Another 20-30+ dead. I raised the humidity but still, more dead. They would always be on their backs and try to right themselves but they never could get back up, and they always acted really sluggsih when I righted them. Even worse, when I did flip them over they would sometiems stick out their hind legs to the sides like an airplane and just slowly drag themselves around with their antennae idragging along too. What is going on? I went from around 300 to about 80 in less than 2 days and I’ really hpset and concerned; is it possible that it was pesticides? I fed some to all my pets and I really don’t want anything bad to gappen to them. I currently have them in a tupperware bin with moist peat/coco fiber to keep humidity high.
  7. mantisfan101

    How big are newborn hisser nymphs?

    Like the size of a watermelon seed, maybe a bit bigger.
  8. mantisfan101

    What DOES eat hissers? (Population control)

    Larger predatory fish like pacus, catfish, cichlids, etc would work, along with larger monitors/tegus, beardies, and if you want maybe larger tarantulas(nhandu, theraphosa, pamphobeteus, phormictopus, etc) or larger mantids. You'd need a lot of mantids to cull the population though.
  9. Other way around, I started keeping orange heads as pets but once they began exploding in numbers I started feeding them off.They also made a good waste system for any mismolted inverts since they are way more carinvorous than any other roach I've kept.
  10. Invertebrates don't really have the capacity to bond with you. You can keep handling certain individuals so that they stop perceiving you as athreat, but others will continue to try and defend themselves no matter what. They won't really recognize you as the owner.
  11. mantisfan101

    Any hope for the deregulation of millipedes?

    Are all US-native and naturalized species not regulated by the USDA?
  12. In addition to the species that were deregulated, I found a whole myriad of roach species native to my state that I'd like to keep. They are- Ischnoptera deropeltiformis Supella longipalpa Ectobius pallidus Cryptocercuc punctulatus Parcoblatta uthleriana Parcoblatta divisa Does anyone know how to find any of these species? I know how to find the parcoblatta sp, but does anyone know how to find the rest?
  13. mantisfan101

    LIttle kenyan roaches as feeders

    Banana roaches seem appealing, and since they can fly it would be more appealing to certain mantid species. I decided to go for red runners since I've always kept live-bearers and I wsnted to try out a species that laid ooths. As for the compsodes schwarzi, where could you get a colony of these? Are these prolific enough to be used as a feeder? And most importantly, would it be legal to transport them?
  14. mantisfan101

    Cryptocercus wrighti

    Man, the nymphs really do look like termites...
  15. mantisfan101

    Nauphoeta cinerea as feeders

    NIce, I was just going to ask why red runners weren't deregulated! Also, how big are hatchling red runners? Are they like 3-4 mm long?