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  1. Shadowrider69

    Red Runner Feeders

    I didnt see that section. I will research it again. Thank you
  2. Shadowrider69

    Hello from Georgia

    Dubias Blaptica dubia and Red runners Blatta lateralis
  3. Shadowrider69

    Red Runner Feeders

    100 nymphs $8. I separate in 3 sizes: small passes through 7/64 hole: medium passes through 9/64 hole: large are above the 9/64 hole. 100 adult males $10 I use PayPal and ship through USPS.
  4. Shadowrider69

    Red runner question

    From what I have read and what I have seen from my colonies, yes.
  5. Shadowrider69

    Hello from Georgia

  6. Shadowrider69

    Hello from Georgia

    Hello neighbor
  7. Shadowrider69

    Hello from Georgia

    Hello ya'll, I'm Darrell outside the big ATL. 😁