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  1. RobertJFishing

    What CuC do you keep with your roaches/inverts?

    In regards to springtails...are Collembola good for roach vivs? I'm building a Viv for A. tesselata and want to be sure I don't get springs that will upset them haha.
  2. So in your experience do Oak leaves work best or better than Magnolia leaves? I am building an enclosure for A. tesselata and want to provide them a leaf litter for not only their comfort but the occasional munch.
  3. RobertJFishing

    Greetings from Northern California

    Thanks folks! Yeah I'm trying to get my hands on some as we speak. Blaberus colosseus "Peru" is a major goal species currently but I am striking out majorly haha.
  4. Howdy y'all. I currently have a large colony (3-4000) of B. dubia as feeders for my various other pets. I am moving towards keeping some other species of roaches as pets and figured I would come on by and gather some info and such.