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  1. Loboptera

    Hi from Germany

    In October.
  2. Loboptera

    Hi from Germany

    Hi, I'm Michael from Germany. Started with feeders - Blaptica - more than 25 years ago. After allergic reactions I had to stop breeding them and explored the huge world of roaches. Kept feeders like Eublaberus, Nauphoeta, Symploce, Panchlora and many others then. Due to herpetological research in the mediterranean I found Loboptera my favourite genus. I kept two or three species but had to stop this due to my work and family. A few months ago I restarted with Phoetalia pallida, again as feeder for my lizards (Lacertids). This year I plan holidays on the Balearics again and hope to find some Loboptera. My second obsession is old herpetological literature and due to my interest in roaches a few roachtitles also found their new home in my lib. For instance Brunner van Wattenwyl Nouv. Syst. Blattaires or Walker Catalogue of the Blattariae in the BM. best regards Michael
  3. Loboptera

    Over the Ocean

    Hi Marco, nice to see, the Symloce still do well. 😉 I assume, they originate from my stock? best Michael