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  1. Homelander

    Wood chips

    Where would i purchase rotting wood chips/chunks that aren't treated with pestisides, just organic? Would home depot or lowes have them? I don't trust the wood i find outside. Thanks! my apologies for posting in the wrong part of the forum
  2. Homelander

    sp. cubaris

    Are the sp. cubaris rubber ducky and the blonde two different species? If the blonde line reproduces, will they have their blonde trait? Or will they have a percentage to look like regular rubber duckys. Thx!
  3. Homelander

    sp. cubaris

    As always, thanks for the info @Hisserdude!
  4. Bug burger is excellent, I use it for my feeder roaches of red runners and once in a while for green banana roaches. Never had issues with bug burger
  5. Homelander

    shipping questions

    ahhh maybe thats why they were all doa. Poor things it sucks seeing pictures of the roaches that you packed doa. They were green banana roaches, i thought htey needed moisture for the humidity that they need
  6. Since its starting to get hot, what do you guys use for cold packs when you ship? I ship small priority boxes from usps. I'm wondering what cold packs you all use that will fit in one of those boxes. Any advice will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  7. Homelander

    shipping questions

    Ahh i see, my last shipment had some doa's and the deli cup was all wet inside. Before i packaged it, i put a moist paper towel on the bottom of the deli cup and then leaf litter in the middle and a dry paper towel on top. Is that not a good method? I strictly use the small packaging box shown in first post
  8. How do you guys ship green banana roaches to people? Just a wet paper towel? When i received mine they were on damp paper towels and some leaves. What other ways are there to ship these types of roaches?
  9. Homelander

    shipping questions

    Cool thanks for the info!
  10. Homelander

    Millipedes and fungus gnats

  11. Homelander


    Instead of using cuddlebone, would it be possible to use fine powdered calcium dust? What would happen to isopods without a source of calcium? Thanks!
  12. Homelander


    Thank you guys for all the information!
  13. Homelander


    I see, thank you for the information
  14. I bought some giant green banana roaches a while back and they came with a few powder orange isopods which was nice, but after a few months the isopods multiplied from 10 to 100+. Will having too many isopods in a gasket sterilite box 54Q disrupt my giant green banana roaches? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  15. Homelander

    isopods + green banana roaches

    Thank you all for your advice, I will take it and try my best to separate them. Any suggestions on how to trap the isopods? They are literally everywhere and i got about 70 of them separated. Maybe if I put a piece of bread in there they will eat it and I can just take the bread and put them in another container? Thank you all for your help
  16. Homelander

    isopods + green banana roaches

    If i keep food in there for all, will they not bother one another? I'm considering removing the roaches 1 by 1 and separating the isopods
  17. Do panchlora "giants" or "speckled" need daylight for a certain amount of hours during the day? I keep them in the boilerroom where its warm, but no light. Thanks!
  18. Homelander

    New to the forum

    Hello! I recently got into keeping giant green banana roaches that i purchased late November and I want to learn everything about the species! Hope I can learn to be a good roach keeper. Thanks!
  19. How do colony collapses happen? I run into that term a lot while reading the forums. Thanks!
  20. Homelander

    roach colony question

    Thank you 😃
  21. Homelander

    roach food

    Thought it was funny 😃
  22. Homelander

    green banana roaches

    Thanks for the knowledge!
  23. Homelander

    New to the forum

    I appreciate it, thank you!
  24. Can the "giant" green banana roach live together with zebra isopods harmoniously?
  25. Homelander

    Can these species live together?

    Awesome! Thank you! By any chance do you have giant banana roaches for sale? Or anyone that sells them? I want to add more to my enclosure. Also some silver springtails!