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  1. Where would i purchase rotting wood chips/chunks that aren't treated with pestisides, just organic? Would home depot or lowes have them? I don't trust the wood i find outside. Thanks! 


    my apologies for posting in the wrong part of the forum


  2. Ahh i see, my last shipment had some doa's and the deli cup was all wet inside. Before i packaged it, i put a moist paper towel on the bottom of the deli cup and then leaf litter in the middle and a dry paper towel on top. Is that not a good method? I strictly use the small packaging box shown in first post

  3. Thank you all for your advice, I will take it and try my best to separate them. Any suggestions on how to trap the isopods? They are literally everywhere and i got about 70 of them separated. Maybe if I put a piece of bread in there they will eat it and I can just take the bread and put them in another container? Thank you all for your help