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  1. Hello again! I'm trying to figure out what works best for me as a 'base' food for my roaches (G. portentosa)- ie., non-fresh/scrap foods. I'm currently using a mix of my mice pellets and cat food, but it keeps molding, and I don't really see the roaches eating it, and I think I've decided I don't like using solid foods like that as a base for the roaches. They're primarily pets, but I am planning on getting a mantis soon that I'll be feeding with the nymphs. I know that there's not going to be one "best" option that everyone agrees on, but I guess I'm just curious about what people personally think about the different options? I've been considering Bug Burger, and also saw on here that oatmeal has been used as a good protein base, which I was definitely interested in. I also found Jurassipet Jurassidiet on Petsmart's website which seems similar to Bug Burger. So, in everyone's opinions: Is Bug Burger / Jurassidiet worth the price, or is oatmeal (or some other option) just as good? Are jelly cups a complete diet for roaches? (I would still be providing fruit/veg) If I did use oatmeal, is there a specific kind I should use? Is there a specific way to prepare it? Any other suggestions are extremely welcomed! Oh, and a secondary food question, while we're here - how much should I expect a single adult hisser to eat? I feel like I haven't really seen mine eating anything. I'm sure they are eating, since I've had them a few months and they seem fine, but I'm not used to not being able to see the food disappear. I'd really appreciate any discussion about what you feed, I'd love multiple opinions! I make my own mouse mix for my mice and I'm hoping to find a nice mix for the roaches as well!
  2. @Homelander @Hisserdude Thank you so much for the tips! 😄 I ended up making my own roach chow based off of a few DIY recipes I found online, which so far is mouse/rat pellets, oats, and wheat crackers (generic Triscuits I think?), though I planned to add algae wafers (when I had a fish tank, I fed them to my snails), and dried fruits of some sort when I can get a hold of them. And I was also thinking of trying to make this gel food too. It's fun cooking for roaches - I don't have to worry about them not liking it lol
  3. Hello everyone! I'm new to roach keeping, with (at the moment) two G. portentosa. (I say currently because my female is pregnant.) From what I've researched, it seems like pretty much everything is safe for them to eat, save for roach poison and pesticides. But I was wondering if there was anything less obvious that I should avoid giving to my roaches? Especially common household foods that I might give to my mice? I know other animals are susceptible to avocado, chocolate, etc., and mice don't do well with soy, so I was wondering if there were any foods that humans or other animals might eat that would be toxic for the roaches. Also, if I could have some tips about whether what I'm currently feeding them is good or not, that would be great. Currently feeding: -Fruit/veggies/food scraps -Mix of dry rat pellets + dry cat food -Fluker's cricket quencher gel for water I've been wanting to make a mix of my own that I can use for my pets, as well as potentially a feeder colony. I've considered adding Bug Burger and Roach Jellies to the mix, too. I'd love opinions from people with more experience! -Tabby
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    What CAN'T I feed my roaches?

    Awesome, thank you!
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    New Roach Owner!

    Hello, everyone! I'm Tabby. I'm super excited to be here, I got my first roaches (as pets) a few months ago now and I'm really loving keeping them, and super excited to learn more! I currently have a pair of Madagascar Hissers (G. portentosa), Bessie and Angus. I had three but unfortunately Gertie passed away rather soon after I got her. (I'm thinking that the stock from the reptarium I got them from might not be great, because I've also had two others from them actually die on the car rides home?) I also have a cat (Tobi) and 8 mice (Roan, Nellie, Frankie, Bonnie, Lovey, Zinnia, Magnolia, and Snowdrop). I'm currently trying to raise a colony, with plans to feed some of the nymphs to my friend's lizard (and if possible sell them as feeders), right now Bessie is pregnant (gravid? not sure which word is more accurate) but hasn't given birth yet. It's been at least a month, probably closer to a month and a half or two months, I'm not positive yet. Should I be worried that she hasn't given birth yet? Could it be that there's something wrong with the habitat? I'd also be interested in joining any roach Discord servers if they exist, or even just chatting 1 one 1 with some other bug people on Discord. Anyway, really excited to be here and learn more. 😄
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    New Roach Owner!

    @Hisserdude Thanks!! Would a fish thermometer (an actual suction-cupped thermometer, not the tape/sticker thermometers) work to monitor that, or is there a specific kind of thermometer for terrariums?
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    New Roach Owner!

    Awesome, thanks for the reply! She has a heat mat, unfortunately it's not one that's adjustable though, so I'm hoping it's warm enough. She has some cork bark and egg crates for hides, and I've been misting half of the enclosure every day or so. Hopefully I see babies soon!