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  1. Silverback300

    Red runner extreme die off

    Just a final update the guy has eventually sent me 500 runners all seem healthy so fair play situation resolved
  2. Silverback300

    Red runner extreme die off

    Hey guys girls just to update this situation the roach supplier is replacing my order which was originally mostly subs and adults with nymphs hopefully in about a week I'll repost when/if I get them
  3. Silverback300

    Red runner extreme die off

    Are you allowed to mention who you bought them off I recently got almost 400 and they were dying off from the day they arrived I've contacted the seller who I won't name yet and he's trying to say it's my fault from poor/incorrect husbandry which is utter rubbish so I'll wait and see what he does about it first before making it public on here
  4. Silverback300

    Red runners dying

    Did they get sluggish and or have a jerky twitchy movement and did you notice an increase in odour ?
  5. Silverback300

    Panchlora sp white

    It's ok I'm in no rush let me know when you think it's a good time and we can sort something out Thanks SB300
  6. Silverback300

    Panchlora sp white

    Thanks for responding so the obvious question is how much are your nymphs 🤯😂 and shipping costs to Scotland 🤔
  7. Silverback300

    Red runners

    Hi I'm looking for information about red runners as I have very little experience with them (other than for feeders which I kept no problems but never had a colony before) so I currently have 3 Roach colonies all thriving and producing well a Dubia - P Nivea and P sp Giant and recently bought 350 runners adults and sub adults used a 1/4 m/f ratio and ended up with about 100 excess males I housed separately for feeders their set up the same as the dubias vertical egg creates - water crystals - dry food plus fruit/veg temps 80/85 they ate very well first 24 hours but started dying off very quickly I removed the dead as necessary to keep everything clean but massive die off continued and I noticed they get very sluggish jerky twitchy walking/movement the 100 male feeders are the same I cleaned out the colony today and ended up with about 30 healthy females and 7 healthy males and so far no more deaths obviously seriously not happy I know my care standards are very high hence my other three very successful colonies anyone else had this issue or know what it is and my apologies for the long post
  8. Silverback300

    Panchlora sp white

    Hi im a newcomer here as only just found there was actually a forum for roaches I have tarantulas and mantids and I have several roach colonies Runner - Dubia - P Nivea - and P Giant all colonies thriving and I saw the whites and am very interested in starting a colony (not for feeders just to be clear) im based in Scotland UK can anybody help Many Thanks SB300