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  1. PeriplanetaAmericana


    Hello, I´m very busy with the University (exams......) and I can´t read the forum as well. I had the same problem with B. craniifer: I buyed 1,000; I divided the in 5 colonies (200 each) and started to die as Zephyr described (many fruit flies.......). I´m studing Biology and I´m working in the Enthomolgy Departament of my faculty. I think there isn´t any fungus infectation or bacteria, maybe Nematodes. Now, I´m working on them and I´m analyzing my roaches with one of the "Nematode Doc. Teacher" (sorry, I don´t know how to write it). Next Monday I´ll have some results about the analysis. Best regards, Javier.
  2. PeriplanetaAmericana

    Hi from The Netherlands

    Thanks Tom, I´ll try it again. Best regards, Javier.
  3. PeriplanetaAmericana

    Hi from The Netherlands

    Welcome Tom, It´s nice, you´re from The Netherlands because I´m trying to study there for the next year (I´m from Spain and I´m studying Biology). Also, I would like to register in BCG (Blattodea Culture Group): I sent an e-mail some months ago but they never answered me (it was in summer), How did you do? Thanks! Best regards, Javier.
  4. PeriplanetaAmericana

    Rhypharobia maderae "goldi"

    Hello, Thanks Orin, I didn´t know this information about R. maderae "Gold" and B. craniifer "BW". Best regards, Javier.
  5. PeriplanetaAmericana

    Rhypharobia maderae "goldi"

    Hello, It´s a color morph, like B. craniifer "BW". Best regards, Javier.
  6. PeriplanetaAmericana

    Picture Therea petiveriana

    Thanks Maarten, How long did the oothecae to "have born"? Thanks! Best regards, Javier.
  7. PeriplanetaAmericana

    Picture Therea petiveriana

    Hello, That´s great Maarten! How did you keep the oothecae? Mines leave some of them and now I´m keeping the oothecae as adults. Am I doing it ok? Best regards, Javier
  8. PeriplanetaAmericana


    Hello Carlos, wellcome to this forum! Where are you from? Best regards, Javier.
  9. PeriplanetaAmericana

    Holy Smokes a new forum department!

    Hello, Blaptica dubia Blaberus craniifer Blatta lateralis/Shelfordella tartara/Shelfordella lateralis Nauphoeta cinerea Best regards, Javier.
  10. PeriplanetaAmericana


    Hello, There´s only one species of Oak, it´s Quercus rubur. There´re some other trees of Quercus genus, like Q. suber, Q. faginea, Q. ilex and Q. coccifera for example. Of course, this information is about Europe, but I think it´s ok for US. Best regards, Javier
  11. PeriplanetaAmericana

    B. craniifer

    Hello, Thanks Orin, so I´ll put 500 B. craniifer in one cage and the other 500 roaches in another cage (both 24"x16"x16"). It´s now ok? Best regards, Javier.
  12. PeriplanetaAmericana

    B. craniifer

    Hello, I´m going to buy 1,000 roaches and I buyed some plastic cages: 60x4x0x40 cm (24"x16"x16") with egg cartons, a little dish with some water and pot wiht dog food. I have another plastic cage (the same as first) to separate the newborns (I want them for food). Do you think the plastic cage that I buye it´s ok for 1,000 B. craniifer? Thank you very much guys! Best regards, Javier.
  13. PeriplanetaAmericana

    Roaches to feed ambylpygid

    Hello, I use lateralis and lobster roaches and my Damon diadema do well with them. Best regards, Javier.
  14. PeriplanetaAmericana


    Hello, I only give them dried oak leaves and they do well. Best regards, Javier.
  15. PeriplanetaAmericana

    Gyna lurida

    Hello, Matt, the roach in the 3rd photo is great! It has "mixed colours": orange and yellow. Best regards, Javier.