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    Periplaneta tattoo

    Periplaneta sorry about picture delay couldn't figure this out on my blackberry. Was very deep in swamp searching for the Ivory billed Woodpecker.
  2. Lol. All the time. Cicindela, asilids, clerids, roaches. I love bugs. Got too obsessed quit my job hahaha
  3. Wolverine

    Insect overload

    insectnet.com also rocks. feel your pain. lol
  4. Wonder if different bats guano(poo) tastes different? Each bat species have different diets. Also you can buy many flavors of bat guano at horticulture supply stores now. They come from different countries each has unique N.P.K levels. Guess someone needs to experiment.
  5. Wolverine

    Emerald Cockroach Wasp

    Great post. Hymenoptera rock! Awesome photos.
  6. Wolverine

    Arenivaga hunting in southern California

    Howdy you'll its been awhile. Missed talking about roaches. Anyway would like to report that Arenivaga are found in Aguanga Ca. This borders the Anza Borrego Desert locally there are no sand dunes. Males are attracted to uv light learning more will keep everyne informed. Thanks Ian
  7. Wolverine

    Arenivaga floridensis

    Wow nice pics.
  8. Wolverine

    Gyna nymph size?

    Recently bought a screen tank was wondering if gyna nymphs can climb through screen? Hope not this will make a great show tank. Love the gyna genus they remind me of butterflies. So excited for some babies got a gravid female.
  9. Wolverine

    E. javanica death.

    Whole in abdomen? Maybe Hymenoptera related? Have never experienced this.
  10. Wolverine

    Periplaneta tattoo

    Well its hard to believe the Ivory bill is extinct. Spend some time up the bayou. Brinkley AR the recent hot spot what I call BFE bum %$#@ Egypt. Lots of swamp not many people big trees. Have a feeling the birds have been rediscovered but the few people who know want to plan ahead. Well to the bigfoot non believers come to NorCal. There is hundreds of miles of wilderness its atleast fun to look.
  11. Wolverine

    Periplaneta tattoo

    Lol I came home one day with a 14 inch grizzly tatt up my whole side and my wife liked it. Guess I'm lucky well she did marry me with a large turkey vulture tatt. Well I love my tatts more everyday
  12. Wolverine

    Arenivaga hunting in southern California

    Imperial Dunes SOCAL is were I want to look. Have found Parcoblatta americana in the Yolla Bolly Wilderness.
  13. Wolverine

    Arenivaga hunting in southern California

    Wow nice pics. Thats the place I want to go collecting> Lucky looks great.
  14. Wolverine

    Hello from Hong Kong

    Wow would love to live in Hong Kong and collect roaches. Welcome, sure you can find lots of roaches there I'd druel over.
  15. Wolverine

    Western Skink

    Thats great. Caught one the other day.Happy Fathers Day
  16. Good work W/C is very rewarding. With all the importing laws with Fl its defiantly the way to go.
  17. Any ideas? These roaches live under rocks by mountain streams around Trinity county. Unfortunately the specimens died had found 2 but they shriveled during transport was 100+degrees and dry. They needed to be in a cooler which my wonderful dogs decided to break. Going to find more and try again with the correct equipment. They aren't suitable for pictures . Also spent a week blasting lights late deep in Shasta county only one roach, it was a male Parcoblatta. The Parcoblatta out of Shasta have a bright maroon color, almost went in the kill jar it looked like a Longhorn beetle. Working on finding a starter culture of the Parcoblatta a dangerous job usually find more rattlesnakes then roaches. Had been looking for roaches kneeled down to search some decaying wood as I put my hand down sure enough the was a Pacific rattler 3'' from my hand not rattling. Scared the crap outta me but that snake sure did taste good fed 3 people. One last note my W/C Parcoblatta zebra have bred. Very happy to get that culture going!! Happy roaching!! Ian
  18. Wolverine

    Roach stream side Nor Cal.?

    Yes I believe the male was a Parcoblatta americana. Well the beginning part of the post was inquiring about what species other than Parcoblatta are found here in Nor Cal. These stream side roaches were completely different then anything I had ever seen before. Was hoping for a lead. Got a friend searching for more makes things hard with no pics etc. They make their home among rocks along the stream. Good luck with your culture Parcoblatta are some of my favorites colorful and fast. BTW I know its a shot in the dark without a sample specimen.
  19. Wolverine

    Cicindela sexguttata

    Omus are amazing. Have never raised any but can imagine they like it cool. Good luck
  20. Wolverine

    Periplaneta tattoo

    Thanks. Yah tatts aren't the best for everyone. Adding many species after this summer the sun really fades tatts really want a Therea and some Eublaberus tatts. Anyway working on covering my body. Wife hates roaches but new tatts aren't an issue lol. Also want some praying mantises and tiger beetles. The best bet start were sun doesn't shine.
  21. Wolverine

    Tons of Pics: Multiple sp.

    Same here!