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  1. Two roaches I'm interested in getting are the Eublaberus sp. (Ivory-Head) and the Periplaneta australasiae (Australian Cockroach), however the info on care I've been able to find has been limited at best. So any info you guys can provide would be appreciated.
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  3. Wow, never would have guessed they were that closely related
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    Name a Roach

  5. God of Roaches

    African Bullet Roaches!

    Why don't these guys have a scientific name yet?
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    Careful, where you send your roaches to!

    Lol, Flordia has become a toxic waste dump for unwanted and escaped exotic pets.
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    just some shots

    Roaches are build for inbreeding, it has no negative effects like it would on humans. You can start out with a colony of one male and one female that could eventually grow into the thousands.
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    new species of roach discovered in new york

    Woah, those look really cool , but it annoys me how the writer generalizes all roach species as pests.
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    Ivory-Head and Australian Roach Care?

    Okay thanks.
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    Preserving Roaches?

    Lol thats really cool, I never knew you could do that
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    Are we the only ones

    It was an actual nest, just some harmless honey bees.
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    Are we the only ones

    Here in Atlanta the hatred of insects has grown to a scary level. A few months ago walking in my yard I noticed that I had a bees nest deep in a bush to the side of the road, I was fascinated by them and watched them on and off for about a week. Then one day I was talking with one of my neighbors, and told her about my bees nest. To my suprise she totaly FREAKED and said that we have to get rid of them or else they would hurt her kids. I tried to explain that if we respected them them and left them alone no harm would come to us, but she refused to listen, I was about to snap at her that it was my property and there was nothing I'd let her do, but decided agasint it and thought she'd never actually take action. The next day I when I went to get the mail I saw the the nest was gone, those idiots must have torched it when I wasn't looking
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    New species! Blaberus brasilianus! :)

    Congratulations, they look great!
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    Lol he's a complete idiot in one episode he says something along the lines of "If you want to know the power of an Aligator imagine what it feels like to be bit by a Pit bull!". Wow, I never knew Pit bulls could death roll and tear your limbs off.
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    Yeah, in recent years Animal Planet has decided that shock value keeps up their ratings while factual accuracy does not.