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    Lobster Roaches vs Turkistans

    i purchased 1000 from Aaron a month ago and I'm currently waiting for a 1000 adult only order. I'm surprised you need to order more. I am feeding 2 bearded dragons off my original 1000 and they breed so fast that I don't think I'll ever need to replenish that colony. The new order is for a different set of herps. If you went through the 1000 roaches your probably doing something wrong in terms of breeding conditions. Check their temp to make sure its over 80 and their humidity over 30. Make sure they have enough to eat and drink. Feed off the medium/small nymphs. It's more work but the more large nymphs that make it to adult hood the more babies you will get sooner.
  2. I accidentally dumped some adult dubia roaches into my colony of adult hissers and now one of them has been breeding. I want to seperate them but I'm not sure which specied (god forbid both) had the nymphs. Is there an easy way to tell the two apart. The nymphs can't be more than a few days old but they are a centimeter long. and greyish. If someone with both species could show me some pictures of each that would be SUPER helpful. I need to get these guys apart before it becomes a lost cause! Thanks!!
  3. jbrumble

    Replacing species

    I was wondering if it was possible to replace a colony of lobster roaches by putting dubia roaches into the colony and then feeding off only the adult lobsters.