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  1. I was wondering how often do you feed your roaches? please share it Once a week twice a week three times a week every other day everyday
  2. JSUN

    Iguana fruit pellets

    bought some and tried it. my roachs seem to love it. i scattered the pellets out on the tank floor and my roaches spread out every where to eat them. i will also be using this once a week.
  3. JSUN

    Baby Food as part of roach diet

    yup, i bought a jar and my roaches love it. the flavor that i used was vegetable beef. i'll give them a spoon full once a week as a supplement or treat. thanks for the recommendation :-)
  4. thanks, the reason that i asked is because i am thinking about adding the dwarf or the orange isopods into my B. giganteous tank. I wanted a species that i can easily control. i noticed that orange isopods produce pretty fast too. i am going to add the dwarf isopods to the tanks tho. If they get out of control i can dry out the tank and kill most of them if I need to.
  5. I was wondering... which of the two species produce quicker, the dwarf or the orange?
  6. JSUN

    B. giganteus molt

    reptile shows are good places to buy hollow logs and drift woods.
  7. JSUN

    Ophelia-a felt hissy!

    haha, very cool, I wish that someone made me one of those for Christmas. It would be even cooler if you can make it hiss. have a Merry Christmas to you and your love ones. jason
  8. JSUN

    Baby Food as part of roach diet

    well, i went out shopping today at Sam's club and they had baby food, but it wasn't the brand that you recommended. I looked at the nutrition label on the back and noticed that they didn't have that much good in them so i decided that i wasn't going to waste my money on them. eventually i'll look for the good ones and get them for my roaches.
  9. JSUN

    B. giganteus molt

    here it is. I will be adding some oak leaves to it pretty soon http://i102.photobucket.com/albums/m90/Net...03/100_0853.jpg http://i102.photobucket.com/albums/m90/Net...03/100_0855.jpg http://i102.photobucket.com/albums/m90/Net...03/100_0862.jpg http://i102.photobucket.com/albums/m90/Net...03/100_0863.jpg
  10. JSUN

    Tropical peripatus

    wow, very informative. where did you get all these information from?
  11. JSUN

    my first roaches

    I noticed that my hissers are active at night. i would becareful not to mix my Blatta lateralis with the Gromphadorhina portentosa. I mixed my B. lateralis with my B. dubia in the past and the B. lateralis was attacking my molting B. dubia.
  12. JSUN

    B. giganteus molt

    vfox, when i am done with my roach setup, i'll post a picture for ya.
  13. JSUN

    Baby Food as part of roach diet

    Thanks for sharing, i'll definitely give it a try.
  14. JSUN

    Big hisser moult

    is he pure bred or is he a hybrid?
  15. Matt, mine been laying egg cases. how long til they hatch? and umm... nice pic by the way