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  1. Chris Driggers

    My own take on a protein heavy diet for roaches

    I would stay away from the calcium supplements myself. I think I remember reading or hearing somewhere that arthopods don't need very much calcium, and if they get too much it will make their exoskeleton brittle, for a hisser a brittle exo could be fatal if they fall off the wall of their enclosure, I would think it would increase the chance of a rupture. Chris
  2. Chris Driggers

    Nasty scorpion...but pretty!

    The reason I said Tityus sp. is the extra spike on the telson.
  3. Chris Driggers

    Nasty scorpion...but pretty!

    I can't help much, I'm not very familiar with the genus, but I'm 99% positive its a Tityus sp. no clue what species though, maybe someone else can help with a more specific ID.
  4. Chris Driggers

    Feeding leaves

    From what I have read, yes. Any acorn bearing tree. I have several types of oak tree in my back yard, red oak, white oak, post oak, water oak and sawtooth oak. I am using these for my domino roaches.
  5. Chris Driggers

    Beef jerky. :P

    Fish are very high in protein, I would avoid using goldfish though unless they are frozen while they are still alive. When they die they secrete something, I can't remember what, but it's harmful to snakes, not sure about roaches but better safe than sorry I guess.
  6. I would like to see pics of your Domino Roach setups if you don't mind sharing a pic or two.
  7. Chris Driggers

    Unique female widow

    I'll be posting here, arachnoboards, and venomlist, I don't have the time to raise, or even try to raise all the slings, but I want as many of them to be raised to adulthood to see if this trait will breed true in the offspring, so I want to spread them out among widow keepers with experience raising widow slings. On a side note, I am looking for a mature male Latrodectus menavodi and Latrodectus geometricus if anyone reading this has one or both available for breeding loan, or just wants give one away to a good cause. Or I could trade WC L. mactans of any size you desire, gravid females also available. Chris
  8. Chris Driggers

    Here I am....

    Welcome. 42 species, wow, thats a nice collection, which 42 species?
  9. Chris Driggers


    Welcome to the forum, not a bad selection you have there. Had any thoughts about your next species?
  10. Chris Driggers


    How old is your discoid colony? Could possibly be one that was mixed in as a tiny nymph when you got your discoids, or a number of things really. Hissers are sneaky lil critters.
  11. Chris Driggers

    Unique female widow

    I am planning to breed her with a male from the same source I got her from so hopefully I can produce more of these. The males should be maturing within the next month. Chris
  12. Chris Driggers

    Anyone here from Arachnoboards?

    I am on arachnoboards as well, people over there know me as ScorpDemon.
  13. Chris Driggers

    What are your other pets besides roaches?

    Well I have several, here's the list. Reptiles 1 Male Bearded Dragon 1 Male Solomon Island Ground Boa 1 Male Black Mexican Kingsnake 1 Female Pueblan Milksnake 1 Female Timber Rattlesnake 1 Female Southern Copperhead 2 Ball Pythons (breeding pair male is 100% het. piebald) 2 Redtail Boa Constrictors (breeding pair, male is double het. albino and anerythristic) 2 Stimson's Pythons (breeding pair) Amphibians 2 Pacman frogs (1 albino 1 red) Tarantulas 1 Poecilotheria metallica (Gooty Ornamental) 1 Grammostola aureostriata (Chaco Goldenknee) 1 Aphonopelma anax (Texas Tan) 1 Grammostola pulchra (Brazilian Black) 1 Acanthoscuria geniculata (Giant Whiteknee) 7 Avicularia avicularia (Common Pinktoe) I recently downsized my tarantula collection, 3 weeks ago I had over 60 of them Scorpions 1 Babycurus jacksoni 1 Smeringurus mesaensis (Dune Scorpion) 1 Parabuthus leiosoma (Black Tipped Fat Tail) 1 Leiurus quinquestriatus (Deathstalker) 3 Pandinus imperator (Emperor Scorpion) True Spiders 5 Latrodectus bishopi (Red Widow) females 1 Latrodectus geometricus (Brown Widow) female 1 Latrodectus menavodi (Madagascan Black widow) female 2 Latrodectus mactans (Southern Black Widow) Other 1 Medicinal Leech (Hirudo medicinalis) There was more a while back, but I downsized a bit, in the process of remodeling to make more space so I can get more goodies. Chris
  14. Chris Driggers

    Unique female widow

    One of my female red widows (Latrodectus bishopi) has no pattern whatsoever on her abdomen, I don't have any pics of the normal ones, but you can google it. Here are some pics of the lady with the unique abdomen.
  15. Chris Driggers

    water crystals

    The brands I have used are.. Soil Moist, cant remember who makes it though and Shultz Moisture Plus I used 2 containers of the Moisture Plus, then had to switch to the Moisture Plus and have used nearly 3 gallons of it with no problems at all. Chris