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  1. Now you have me intrigued, what is a blaberus colloseus? is it a type of cave roach? how big does it get? where can a person get some? my giganteus are nice and fat and doing well but are still the same size while my hissers are growing very fast.
  2. I have seen extra large male hissers for sale and wondered if I was to get a few if it would increase the size of my hissers both the males and females if I eliminate any smaller males from the breeding pool? mine are not nearly as large as some that I have seen.
  3. buggybonnie

    is this a mutant madagascar?

    Here are more pictures of the black torpedo mutant next to my normal female.
  4. I purchased a trio of madagascar hissers from a reptile store as adults.One male and 2 females.One of the females looks totally different from the others.I took some photos and I am goin to try and upload them.I have her next to the normal roaches and the difference is obvious.This female is darker in color, has a shorter pronontum and an extremely long tubular shaped body.It is not flattened like the others.Her antennae are also shorter.She is a joy to handle and an active roach and she has had 2 batches of nymphs which half look normal and half look just like her.Even as nymphs the long bodies are distinguishable from the normals.Is she a mutation? In any event, I do not want to breed for this trait.If someone would be interested in her and her nymphs, for breeding experiments or just to have something unusual I would like to re-home her and the nymphs.All I ask is that you pay shipping and wait until the weather is more suitable.
  5. I may be in trouble then because I only have 5 nymphs.They look like they are maybe only in their 1st or 2nd molt so far and they burrow into my soil and wood substrate so I never see them unless I sneak up to the tank in the middle of the night with a penlight and see them eating.I had no luck with banana, but they like fresh meat.They do not eat much.I mist the wood in the tank every other day or so and I keep the tank in the basement with a reptile pad which keeps it a constant 78 degrees.So it is dark, humid, quiet and they always get fresh food and crystals every day.They should thrive? I saw your for sale list, and wow Zephyr do you have some neat roaches.You must have a big collection.What is your favorite?
  6. Hello, I am new to roaches and would like to know more about blaberus giganteus other than what I have already read about them from someone maybe who has kept some? I have the common hissers and now just aquired some small blaberus nymphs.I already know the general things such as they are the largest specie kept, both sexes have wings, they need a tall tank with branches for molting,and they live about a year.Any more info would be greatly appreciated especially what they like to eat and breeding.