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    The Experiment

    Well the reason I keep them is to learn as much as I can about their requirments in captivity so I can get more people to try and keep them. These animals are what I believe to be the next wave in the invert hobby, after all I dont remember centipedes and roaches being that popular 10 years ago so as you say they have quite the potential. They also have more personality than most inverts do as well, and can actually learn things over time, they are smart for insects. And lastly its fun and rewarding to educate people about them, especially when they find out you can keep them as pets with little chance of them stinging you. Also the solitary wasps are another great avenue that has yet to be explored, and some like the tarantula hawks are impressive. I will be trying to keep some solitary wasps this year. On a side note it may b ecoem nessesary for conservationists to keep certain species as they are threatened with habit loss and climate change, and having a basic framework down will greatly assist their efforts.
  2. Tleilaxu

    The Experiment

    I know at least five as of right now,(And another three that MIGHT attempt wasp keeping in the near future) unfortunetly since this aspect of the invert hobby is VERY new we only have a few converts. The stigma with these guys needs to be overcome before more people try to keep them.( I bet people back in the 50s did not think Tarantulas would become excedingly popular and look where we are at now)
  3. I would greatly appriciate pics of your enclosures for lateralis and lobster roaches. This way I can closely model mine after yours. Thanks very much.
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    With the way my turtles beaks are growing I may have to do that, I have two false map turtles and one painted turtle, the map turtles main diet consists of mollusks and other hard shelled inverts, females. Males are more insectavorious. The painted turtle is a vegan.(When adult)
  5. Tleilaxu

    Dynastes granti ?

    Yeah thats what I thought about this beetle when I researched it. tityus is cool enough as it is and there are those triceritops beetles that can live for a year.
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    Very nice but what about the surface area? Buckets are not very spacious IMO and I like to pamper my feeders.
  7. Tleilaxu

    Possible Roach Colony

    I already have the 10 gallon tank though anyways I will checkout that article. Are these roaches capable of flying? My mom would not be thrilled to kknow that they are being kept with no covers in plastic tubs.
  8. Tleilaxu

    Anyone here from Arachnoboards?

    Me to my name there is Tleilaxu
  9. Tleilaxu

    Possible Roach Colony

    Because the roaches you mentioned are "cute" IMO. I like them too much.
  10. Tleilaxu

    Possible Roach Colony

    Can you mix lats and lobs without predation or cross breeding? Actually only the orange head that you suggested is too attracive. The other two I could step on and feel no remorse. Though I would put them to more productive uses. Is 10 gallon tank an acceptable container?
  11. Tleilaxu

    Possible Roach Colony

    What about lateralis? I am feeding wasps, turtles, and hornets BTW.