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  1. Tleilaxu

    Some of my roach displays.

    I've never noticed any change in activities due to weather changes, but I've always caught the most either before or a few hours after a rainstorm. But Periplaneta species are some of my favorite roaches.
  2. Tleilaxu

    Some of my roach displays.

    I like the first picture.
  3. Tleilaxu

    Bahhh Saturday and no package

    Yup, cold is safer than hot temperatures with these guys, I'm glad you got red runners. Looking forward to pics.
  4. Tleilaxu


    Just needs a few more things, such as heating pads, some small amount of substrate, and of course proper ventilation. And by soon I mean in @CodeWilster time.
  5. Tleilaxu


    Making a list, checking it twice, going to find out what @Hisserdude does not have in his inventory. If I could have my way, I'd get three Periplaneta species.
  6. Tleilaxu

    Live trap for roaches?

    I've never had much luck trapping roaches, catching them by hand was easier. Also American roaches make cheeky captives, so consider keeping them as well.
  7. Tleilaxu

    Happy birthday to me.....

    Happy birthday, now, show us the buggos. I'm sure they will be fine in a 29 gal right off the bat.
  8. It's been a very long while since I posted here. Anyways here is my first roach colony. Due to the exceedingly small photo upload size restrictions this is the only way I can show you detailed pics. http://arachnoboards.com/threads/introducing.294323/ I can't even upload my smallest pics.
  9. Tleilaxu

    Pycnoscelus surinamensis colony.

    It's up to you to keep Periplaneta species now. @Hisserdude
  10. Tleilaxu

    Pycnoscelus surinamensis colony.

    Well sadly Ive had to say good bye to my remaining Periplaneta colony, while I have now an actual permenant location to stay at and work near by the apartment management does not allow cockroaches, however Im sure I can have exotic roaches since they often don't look like the "pest" species. (Im already gathering the supplies in preperation) So now the remaining australasiae are now running free and hopefully liking their freedom again, though now they don't get regular meals and safe lodgings. One day I will get Periplaneta again.
  11. @CodeWilster Can you list links to the various drill components on amazon? I suck at "tool know how" and dont want to spend money on the wrong things. By the way its been a LONG time since your epic teaser. Thanks.
  12. Tleilaxu

    Lanxoblatta rudis

    I figured as such but given this particular species seeming need for vertical space it seemed like a good suggestion for an intermediate roach that may or may not need more privacy than most, and thus the benefit would outweigh the draw backs. You can always of course stake them out using red light to see if they are eating and healthy.
  13. Tleilaxu

    Lanxoblatta rudis

    @wizentrop @Hisserdude Just a crazy idea, but what about using premade bat houses as hiding places, while not space efficient by any means, they seem tailor made for these guys.
  14. Tleilaxu

    Watch out for that larval stage!

    Dudes they forgot the pupal stage!
  15. I'd get a group of Chinese mantis for it, a common yet impressive species, it will be no serious loss of one eats another.
  16. Tleilaxu

    Cohabitating Roach Species Question

    Mixed roach displays are impressive, however eventually one species will eventually dominate the rest. However for short term it will be fine. So I would recommend you keep a majority of the roaches separate. And just mix a few now and then for the display.
  17. I know some if you guys keep these borderline pests, due to their looks or active disposition when they are awake. So let's see your colonies, or individuals you may have. P. anericanus P. australasiae If you're not a particular fan of this genus, watch Joe's Apartment, and get back to us. I've done enough shilling, now it's your turn.
  18. Tleilaxu

    Periplaneta sp. appreciation thread.

    Finally baby Australian roaches everywhere.
  19. Tleilaxu

    Periplaneta sp. appreciation thread.

    That black white eye looks amazing. Sadly my americana colony is destroyed the ooth all molded over.
  20. Tleilaxu

    Lanxoblatta rudis

    Pancake Roach. I win, thanks for playing.
  21. Tleilaxu

    Pycnoscelus surinamensis colony.

    Don't discount periplaneta americana they don't look like much, but they are rather bold as far as roaches go.
  22. Tleilaxu

    Pycnoscelus surinamensis colony.

    They (the americana)got curious when the lid is opened, but the ones I have and had never made a serious effort to escape when I opened it. The Australian roaches generally hide when I open the lid. That said if they felt cornered by what I was doing, then you would see some impressive acrobatics but once they "got used" to me messing around even that became less frequent. From my experience they seem rather quick on the uptake and if they don't see you as a serious threat they aren't going to be dashing around. That said they will not tolerate handling, look but don't touch. Just don't leave the lid opened for prolonged periods without supervision. They will also make a concerted effort to find escape routes when placed in a new cage but once they can't they will settle down to a normal routine. @Hisserdude I will give the ooth a closer inspection tomorrow, though I'm not going to open any until three months have passed. For a "pest species" they take their sweet time hatching.
  23. Tleilaxu

    Pycnoscelus surinamensis colony.

    I don't know if it means anything or not, but the ooth have not molded up or anything, do nonviable ooth show any characteristics?