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  1. Well they made it just in time, a few more hours would have cost this guy it's life.
  2. That is a Periplaneta americana. I've seen a few with that color scheme. I'm surprised it had, and then lost it's balls for being day active... Breeding these guys for color And size maybe kinda fun. If your still in the area, perhaps it's time to roach hunt.
  3. Considering I was trying to line breed for size and color this is a setback for that particular efforts, especially since the female nymphs that died appeared to have been above average in size.
  4. Well they have arrived but heavy casualties were suffered. I lost two of my Periplaneta americana nymphs, the large males and the two adults females are alive. All the adult females of the Australian roaches survived but two or four of the nymphs died, but I still have over six Ozzies. The Surinames were hit the hardest, I'm down to six adults, and one nymph. And one female is in the process dying and aborting an ooth. I have her by watermelon in hopes she can possibly rehydrate herself. I did manage to find some ooth or each of the Periplaneta species, and have them in their respective enclosures. The survivors are currently eating the watermelon and food, so I'm hopeful that the colonies will survive. Though I'm likely going to have to buy some females of the Periplaneta americana and Australian roaches to bolster the numbers.
  5. Well some ok news, it should arrive tomorrow, and they will arrive before "average" Florida temps get here. Right now it's only mid 70s low 80s. The package is only one hour away from my location. Will keep ya posted.
  6. I paid 50.00 bucks too what a pos preformance. #mostexpensiveperiplanetaever
  7. It's going to be another 48 hours later. RIP roaches, I'm sure the scorpion will be fine. #NoMorePeriplanetaForTleilaxu
  8. @dactylus @Hisserdude the hour of wreckoning is approaching, if the fools stick to their word, they should arrive within a hour....
  9. Tleilaxu

    Drymaplaneta semivitta

    Glorious, only let her mate with the best male.
  10. Some roach nymphs are exceedingly tiny and it's important to have a tight fit, even more so if you keep severely pestiferous species like blattella germanica.
  11. Now they won't be here till tomorrow. Err....
  12. Well roaches did not show up when they were supposed to.... Fortunately the weather is much cooler than in Florida...
  13. Tleilaxu

    Culturing Luridiblatta trivittata

    Superb absolutely amazing post. Don't think it let's you off the hook though for slacking on your roach collection videos, especially after that epic dyi enclosure you posted.
  14. Tleilaxu

    Bigger Infestation After Extermination

    You need to get educated before you start posting... Start with this: https://www.amazon.com/Love-Cockroaches-Husbandry-Biology-Blattodea/dp/1616463368 It should also be noted that disease transfer has been disproven by multiple studies.
  15. Tleilaxu

    Pic from Indonesia

    Tell him to send a few to you. Scratch that, have him send them to me instead, your not worthy.
  16. Tleilaxu

    Help me solve a problem

    Any giant roach that makes it into my living space from outside is worthy of respect and pet status, catch them and post pics. I'd take it as a sign that they want to be your pets. From your description it sounds like said roaches would be happier outdoors anyway. @Hisserdude
  17. I've decided to gamble, I unpacked everything, possibly compromising the box and epic tape and packing job, and put a lot more airholes into the lid, to the point the lid is flimsy, and some of the holes maybe large enough for the smallest of my current nymphs to go through, but having just checked on them they all seemed pretty chill, having them under an actual vent helps. As a bonus I managed to catch one more mid sized female americana nymph. I'm moving back to Minnesota so exotic roaches will be open to me, however I just can't ditch my first roaches.
  18. I don't know if it will make a difference or not but each hole is the diameter of a large Philips screwdriver, and there is both a thin crack on the cover and bottom of the container.... @Hisserdude on my blog you can see the container size and amount being shipped, along with the airholes and crack in the cage.
  19. Crap I only gave them around seven airholes, much like their containers. They have dry paper towels as well, though given the 68 percent humidity levels along with them all is sure to moisten them. I gave them one piece of dog food. It's too late to unpack them. I thought it would be the same or similar to shipping scorpions, well given the fact these species are extremely hardy may work in my favor. Next blog post: "How to easily kill your Periplaneta."
  20. Tleilaxu

    Anallacta methanoides

    Oh Dear SantaCockroach please send HisserDude some poor homeless periplaneta australasiae as well. Thank you.
  21. Remember to tag @Hisserdude for all your non Periplaneta related questions.
  22. Tleilaxu

    What to keep in new container

    Yes it will work for your species. On the topic of Periplaneta, they have a habit of cannibalizing their ooths so start up is slow.(I caught them in the act, a long with literature evidence) But you'd be surprised at how many roaches can live in seemingly small spaces. However I figured a climbing species would be more suitable since you can make use of the vertical space, but again your desired roaches will work. Don't forget about the Panchlora as well. @Hisserdude
  23. Tleilaxu

    What to keep in new container

    Wow I feel stupid now. I thought you were asking if your container would work for the roaches you listed. Now I don't know what your container looks like, but it sounds like it will work for a lot of species. Panchlora, Periplaneta, and others should work as well. Post pics. (I'd get the Periplaneta, or Panchlora myself)
  24. Tleilaxu

    What to keep in new container

    The meme lives! https://www.target.com/p/cheddar-cheese-balls-22oz-market-pantry-153/-/A-13234606 These are good for keeping escape prone roaches in.