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  1. Tleilaxu

    I'm calling you out!

    Redeemed for now. You should update us on them.
  2. I got it, Panchlora nivea burrowing nymphs, climbing adults.

  3. Tleilaxu

    Bugarium ideas

    I thought this was going to be a mixed species display, my bad. Why don't you set up and decorate the tank first, and post the completed pics here, then maybe others can give better imput once we see what your intending. You may also be inspired along the way.
  4. Tleilaxu

    Pycnoscelus Mixed Colony

    I still wouldn't chance it with your more "valuable" species. Perhaps @Hisserdude shall chime in.
  5. Tleilaxu

    Bugarium ideas

    Your Pycnoscelus will be killing others behind the scenes.(Eggs and nymphs) I only ever see mine when fresh food is offered to the cage, and only at night under red light. The other non burrowers should be visible, again at night. I like placing these on top of my smaller enclosures, they light up the area and the roaches don't care. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01CLWGQAC/ref=mp_s_a_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1498517531&sr=8-11&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=red+light+flashlight Can't wait to see the tank setup. I personally find watching roaches cross "bridges" and climbing things to be rather amusing for some odd reason. Possible decorating ideas. Also @Hisserdude
  6. Tleilaxu

    Pycnoscelus Mixed Colony

    Actually they don't according to Orin's For the love of Cockroaches and reports from a few other people Pycnoscelus do eventually kill off colonies of other species. Either through sheer number or predatory behavior towards ooth/tiny nymphs. My mixed colony is solely for my own amusement, and for practice/troubleshooting, I have no doubt that given time the Periplaneta would eventually be eaten out of said enclosure. I'm not expecting long term viability. And if I do decide to take any roaches back with me, they will be in single species enclosures for their permanent dwelling.
  7. Tleilaxu

    Pycnoscelus Mixed Colony

    I think your parthenogenetic species would dominate. That said I'd mix a P.surinamensis and one or two Periplaneta species, this way you have two different species occupying different areas of the container, and it's no big loss if a Periplaneta ooth gets nommed in the process. Of course if you want ooths, just provide high off the ground hiding spots to increase the odds. Where as all the Pycnoscelus species would occupy the same areas.
  8. Tleilaxu

    Pycnoscelus surinamensis colony.

    Ooth, glorious ooth. The other adult has one.
  9. Tleilaxu

    Deropeltis sp. "Jinka"

    Cute cute cute.
  10. Tleilaxu

    Pycnoscelus surinamensis colony.

    Eh? Petroleum jelly did not work for you? Not all roach species are equal climbers, and larger Periplaneta seem to be rather clumsy if the surface offers an "uncertain" footing. Also having a container with a "screw" top works miracles. And now for the only useful meme: https://www.target.com/p/cheddar-cheese-balls-22-oz-market-pantry/-/A-13234606 That container is amazing. The cheese balls merely adequate.
  11. Tleilaxu

    Pycnoscelus surinamensis colony.

    Speaking of babies....
  12. Tleilaxu

    Deropeltis sp. "Jinka"

    Yeah I kinda gathered that from catching them lol.
  13. Tleilaxu

    Deropeltis sp. "Jinka"

    How tame them down? My roaches won't tolerate handling.
  14. Tleilaxu

    Pycnoscelus surinamensis colony.

    Well we got babies boiz! Suriname babies to be precise.
  15. Tleilaxu

    Ischnoptera deropeltiformis "Ruby Red"

    And finally more updates.
  16. Tleilaxu

    Drymaplaneta semivitta

    More updates.
  17. Tleilaxu

    Deropeltis sp. "Jinka"

    Updates please.
  18. Tleilaxu

    Latiblattella lucifrons

    Cool looking ooth.
  19. Tleilaxu

    Pycnoscelus surinamensis colony.

    Your in too deep now, *Darth Vader voice* I have you now. I'm also not your father. I don't care if you only keep a trio(preferably six), of either americana or australasiae in a single sex environment but now you must aquire them. I know without a doubt you have an empty enclosure, sitting forlornly in storage. On a colony update it seems the cheese balls oils were what was keeping the roaches from climbing well, as things have worn off the smaller ones are able to get higher and higher, but still fail. The larger ones don't even try. I think next month I will order some petroleum jelly, it's not an urgent matter. Hopefully I get some good pictures tonight.
  20. Ouch, well lesson learned, I have to change dog kibbles every day since it molds in 24 hours due to the humidity. But I only have one colony.
  21. Tleilaxu

    Pycnoscelus surinamensis colony.

    No idea why it didn't update...
  22. Tleilaxu

    Periplaneta sp. appreciation thread.

    An adult female Australian roach.