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  1. cindy

    CAn dubia roaches eat raw dog food?

    Mine all love chicken bones! (cooked) Nothing here goes to waste! lol
  2. cindy

    My (satchellwk's) Roaches

    Very nice collection!! It is so fun isn't it! I love my roaches!! Yours are very nice!
  3. cindy

    Human health

    I am planing on getting that one next week. I have a terrible reaction to my meal worms when I clean them out. The Dubias sometimes, but the meal worms are the worst! I have a friend that uses that product, and he was the one that gave me the link.
  4. cindy

    Human health

    http://www.pksafety.com/asledu.html?cmp=googleproducts&kw=asledu This is a pretty good product at a good price. Be sure to get extra filters.
  5. Hi! I was wondering if you still have the Dubias you posted. I would be interested.. I also have lots to trade if that is what you would like. I have P.Vans and Black Tiger Hissers in abundance. Also Madagascars. Please let me know! Thanks, Cindy

  6. cindy

    Gromphadorrhina ID

    Well I would go with Orin, as he is an expert in the field, but that last photo sure looks like a P.Van! I have G.Ports that are pure black also. It does get a big confusing at times!
  7. Good find there on the photos! Yes, it is a bit harder to tell on the little ones.. just simply because of size.. but the same concept! Good luck!
  8. I have ordered LOTS of roaches from Kyle! He is awesome!
  9. Yes, you can sex them as nymphs! It just takes a bit more intense looking.. I use a magnifying glass, but then again, my eye site is not wonderful. But yes, you can sex them the same way as you would sex adults.
  10. The best way to sex them early Keith is by looking at their "rumps" Flip them over, and the male has a more elongated end with an extra segment, almost V shaped. The female is more U shaped and wider with out the extra segment. I know there are photos here in the forum somewhere.. I will try and find them. Otherwise I will come back and post a photo I have of male/female of a different species.
  11. cindy

    Food/Water Tray?

    I use tops from gator-aid bottles for my water crystals. It is a small enough amount to be able to keep clean. and big enough to give them a few nice big chunks of water crystals. I find that fruit flies seem to like the crystals, so I change out the dish every 3rd or 4th day, or whenever it looks icky. This way I am not wasting anything.
  12. cindy

    Mulberry Branches

    LOL!! we are a funny bunch!! Beaver??? wow.. now that is an unusual pet! Photos please! I use Mulberry leaves and branches for all my roaches. I have tons of those trees in my yard, and have used them for a year and a half with no side effects. My Hissers LOVE the branches..!
  13. cindy

    dubia breeding issues

    Sounds like you are doing it right to me... It does take awhile for them to settle in and start breeding, but you should get babies soon. (they are live bearers too) I noticed you said not a single female lay eggs, but I am sure you know they bear live young. Misting will help I am sure. They will start soon I bet! Try some Romaine Lettuce and carrots too.. I shred my carrots and they love it!