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About Me

Hello! I am Kenneth from Hong Kong, been into roaches since May 2011, not that long I might add. I got these tiger hissers from a friend who used to own an exotic pet shops, he remembered I talked about wanting some Madagascar Hissers to scare my friend about a year ago, so he brought me some when he had a chance. And that's how I am hooked.

I started with Tiger Hissers, obviously, then I went on collecting different kind of hissers, I discovered a seller in southern part of China who has almost all hissers you could possibly want, and the hunt stopped there. After that, I thought that i really don't want a lot of species since I don't have a place for it, and preferably something grow slower and live longer, so now I am also keeping Giant Burrowing Roaches (Rhino), Peppered Roaches, and Giant Cave Roaches. I also have some Dominos, Discords, and Orange Head Roaches as gifts from seller when I bought other roaches, now that they're beginning to multiply, I honestly don't know what to do with them... :o

I keep my roaches photos here

I am trying my best to keep a blog going, but I seriously don't have the time.

I am also keeping a journal on my Giant Burrowing Roaches, I am putting it up as a blog here.

Something about myself. I am an IT guy, used to work in media companies, such as newspaper, magazine publishers, and financial printers. Now I am working at a school as System Analyst. Currently, I am (obviously) very interested in keeping roaches, I also have a dog, and a 6' planted fish tank. Except sitting idly watching roaches during weekends, I also enjoy riding my Ducati in canyons, and playing World of Warcraft.

Here is some pics about me.