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    Currently have domino roaches, discoids, springtails, and a colony of dermestid beetles.
  1. Gregor Samsa Mendel

    Therea ooth hatch time?

    I'd wait another month before worrying. My domino roach oothecae took six months to start hatching. The nymphs also excel at not being seen, so you may have some and not be aware of it.
  2. Gregor Samsa Mendel

    Domino Roaches

    I had a strange situation last year where one of my domino roaches laid eggs 1-2 at a time, not enclosed in an ootheca. I would see the eggs one day and they were gone by the next. I assume they got eaten. Anyone else ever had this happen with their domino roaches?
  3. Gregor Samsa Mendel

    Things roaches in general won't eat:

    I give my domino roaches the inside fibers and inner peel of "cutie" mandarin oranges and they fight over it.
  4. Gregor Samsa Mendel

    Hello from California

    Hello everyone. I'm a high school science teacher who works in Sacramento. I've kept bugs of all sorts for many years, but right now my favorites are my colony of domino roaches. They sure take a long time to grow up, though.