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    Hello from the east of the Netherlands

    I think it is SO COOL that people from all over the world meet on this forum
  2. Nanchantress

    Hello from Eastern North Carolina

    Welcome, Chris! I started out getting roaches as feeders also (for my tarantulas) and now like them just as much as my T's! They are definitely more exciting to watch
  3. Nanchantress

    New to the forum

    You definitely have a cool Mom ! Welcome to the forum - there is some great information on here and I have found everyone to be very helpful.
  4. Nanchantress

    Question about Peppered Roaches...

    I had that same question and posted some pics in this thread in the photos section (sorry, don't know how to provide a link): Search for: Archimandrita Tesselata - do I have both sexes here?
  5. Nanchantress

    Dead cottonwood preparation

    Hey, good one Orin! I see your point...
  6. Nanchantress

    Baby Rhino Roaches! :D

    Kyle, that was so fun to watch! Thank you My husband is rolling his eyes at me right now because I was clapping with excitement when I was watching. hahaha! He just doesn't GET it !
  7. Nanchantress

    Calendar Now Available

    I ordered mine the minute they became available and received them yesterday (Wednesday) - they are very high quality calendars!
  8. Nanchantress

    Calendar Now Available

    Well, you know, I have to send copies to my mom and sister so they can have a good laugh at my expense... and one for my desk at work... and one for a friend who rolls her eyes at all my strange pets but might think it's cool... and... I'm sure I'll think of someone else. It's just too much fun and I'm glad you organized it - thanks, Peter!
  9. Nanchantress

    Calendar Now Available

    Woooohoooo! I just ordered 6 copies!
  10. Nanchantress

    Calendar Contest- Vote Now

    Yeah, what he said. I can't wait to hang the calendar at work
  11. He molted into wings this week and now appears to be trying to push something out. Every so often he wiggles the skinny part (genitalia?). This isn't normal, is it ?
  12. Nanchantress

    Post Your Calendar Photos Here

    Title: Generations Species: Therea petiveriana http://x.co/c2AW
  13. Nanchantress

    Calendar Contest: Q & A

    I sent you a couple to the bugsincyperspace address this morning. Hopefully you can size them right as necessary. Thanks, Peter!
  14. Nanchantress

    archimandrita tesselata feeding

    You should enter that photo in the calendar contest
  15. My 3rd A. tesselata molted last night and it appears to have a slimmer body than my other 2 adults. Can you tell if it might be male from this picture? The first photo is the one that molted last night; the second photo is a confirmed female. The difference is kind of subtle.
  16. One reference I found said they can have 10 to 40 nymphs after a 6 month gestation. Maybe someone with personal A. tesselata breeding experience can chime in?
  17. Nanchantress

    Post Your Calendar Photos Here

    Title: Friends With Benefits Species: Gromphadorhina portentosa
  18. Cool! Maybe I'll get some babies in June! This species teaches one patience, that's for sure...
  19. This is the first time I've seen something like this. He seems to have hardened up OK, though. Interesting, eh?
  20. Nanchantress

    G.portentosa sprung a leak while molting

    Yeah, it kinda made me nauseous...
  21. Okay, here is the ventral side and since the last ventral segment looks different I'm guessing I've got one of each. Smaller last segment = male?
  22. Nanchantress

    Blaberus atropos courtship and mating

    Hey, that was really cool to see the males try so hard to impress the females. I look forward to watching more videos on your channel - thanks!
  23. Nanchantress

    Calendar Contest: Q & A

    OK, I think I have the right size photo, but the 3.6 MB file is too big to use the "attach" option so I uploaded it to photobucket. I submitted the photo in the calendar photo thread using the photobucket link, but it got resized (by photobucket?) to 962x752 pixels???? This is so confusing... Is there any way we can just submit photos for the contest without doing all the resizing, and then if they win we can worry about it then? It's embarrassing to expose my technological illiteracy here in public
  24. Nanchantress

    Post Your Calendar Photos Here

    Title: Thanks for the ride, Mom! Scientific name: Gromphadorhina portentosa
  25. When I try to upload more photos, I get an "upload failed" message and it says Used 1.96MB of your 1.95MB global upload quota (Max. single file size: 10MB)Does that mean I have to start deleting photos I've posted? I haven't posted that many at all, and I didn't think my file sizes were too big, but maybe they are. Any suggestions?