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    Calendar Contest: Q & A

    At the risk of sounding stupid....I don't really understand the pixel thing, because when I try to crop my image to 2300 pixels by 1800 pixels, it cuts out most of my subject. Also, I don't know how to tell what the DPI is. I know you said not to post photos in this thread, so I will try to PM a photo to you and you can tell me if it's possible to enter it, OK Peter? I guess I'm just intimidated by all the technical terminology, but I do have some good pictures (my opinion ) that I'd like to enter. I just use the editing software that came with my camera, not anything fancy.
  2. Nanchantress

    Problem uploading photos

    I want to submit photos, I'm just studying the size restrictions and trying to figure out how to comply with them. Don't give up on the calendar yet!
  3. Nanchantress

    2012 Roach Calendar Contest

    Hi Peter, I'm just trying to figure out the size restrictions and how to comply with them before I submit any photos. Maybe that is what other people are trying to figure out also. I know we have a lot of great photographers on here that have some awesome photos!
  4. Nanchantress

    Egg Crate Substitue..or Egg Crate Purchase..??

    At eggboxes.com there was no extra shipping charge.
  5. Nanchantress

    Egg Crate Substitue..or Egg Crate Purchase..??

    I just bought some from eggboxes.com - 70 for $28.60 with free shipping which works out to 41 cents each. I agree that it would be cheaper to try and find a grocery store to save them for you. Basically there are two options: spend time or spend money.
  6. Nanchantress

    Lonely young Hisser

    Can you expand on the pillbug nightmare? I have some in with my hissers.
  7. Nanchantress

    Lonely young Hisser

    The other day I moved all my Hissing roaches from the enclosure they were sharing with about 15 Peppered roaches. Looks like I missed one, eh? Maybe he was missing his buddies so he hitched a ride on the next best thing. Made me smile.
  8. Nanchantress

    Koi fish pellets

    Just this week I bought some Omega One Pond Sticks and Tetra Pond Koi Growth sticks to try for variety. My Hissers do seem to eat them, but the other night I put out a pile of Tetra Flaked Fish Food, and a pile of each of the sticks: The next morning ALL the flakes were gone but most of the sticks were still there... They seem to prefer the flakes over all types of dog food and cat food that I have offered also. When I open the fish flakes container, my cat comes running and tries to eat them too - pushes my hand aside and sticks her face right in the container - what is in those flakes??? Maybe I should try them...
  9. Nanchantress

    My new website

    REALLY NEAT SITE! I will be bookmarking it
  10. How big are the adults? What do you feed them (besides each other LOL).
  11. Doesn't seem to be able to climb. One inch long. Turkistan maybe?
  12. Nanchantress

    Can someone ID this for me?

    Thanks! That was what I was thinking...a mature female from pics I have seen on the web. They seem to have moved into the neighborhood. My neighbor had her house sprayed and the pest control guy said he was getting a lot more calls from around here... Unlike my neighbor, I catch it and feed it carrots and cat food
  13. Nanchantress

    Pill bug 1/2 way through molt

    That's cool, Peter! Thanks for sharing it
  14. Nanchantress

    Pill bug 1/2 way through molt

    I had read that the back half of a pill bug molts first, followed in a couple days by the front half. Just happened to see one of mine 1/2 way through its molt and snapped a picture. I found about 100 of these one day in my backyard and threw them in an aquarium with some of my roaches. I don't know exactly what they are but I think some kind of Armadillidium possibly.
  15. Nanchantress

    Yay vandalism!

    Once I accidentally left my car unlocked overnight and someone went through the glovebox and left everything scattered all over the car, but they didn't take anything - not even my CD's! I was offended (just kidding) because I think I have pretty good musical taste . Still, it feels gross to think about a stranger being in your car. Sorry that happened to you, vfox. Might want to splurge on a good detail job to "cleanse" it, eh?
  16. Nanchantress

    Hisser molt progression pics

    Here is a great article on the mites: www.medicalnewstoday.com/releases/148211.php The mite is Androlaelaps schaeferi (formerly known as Gromphadorholaelaps schaeferi) according to a web search.
  17. Yesterday I moved all my hissers into a larger aquarium, and this morning one of my gravid females gave birth to all stillborn nymphs. Some of the eggs were apparently not fertilized at all, but a couple actually had eyes and legs as you can see in the picture. Looks like they needed a little more time... dang. I guess the move was a bit too stressful for her.
  18. Nanchantress

    Discoid Molting Pix (Picture heavy!)

    I like the underside photo - I've never turned them over after molting before. Cool!
  19. Nanchantress

    My bug nerd youtube account

    2nd viewer of the G. Portentosa post Good job! Can't believe all those came from only 6 - makes me realize I'm going to be overrun with roaches next year
  20. Nanchantress

    New photos

    Awesome! Awesome! I definitely have to research a couple of those
  21. Nanchantress

    Up Close and Personal with the Hissers!

    What is the substrate in the picture with the orange?
  22. Nanchantress

    More Hisser Molt Pix

    Molting pics are always cool
  23. Nanchantress

    Sorting Roaches for Feeders/Selling

    That video was awesome - glad you found it!
  24. This is a 20-gallon long aquarium. I covered the glass area under the aquarium light with layers of red celophane so it glows red and doesn't seem to bother the roaches when I turn it on in the evenings to watch them. I have 2 "Magnaturals" ledges that the roaches sometimes congregate on. Other favorite areas are under and behind the cork bark pieces. 2 inches of vaseline line the top of the aquarium. Substrate is eco-earth/aspen shavings/oak leaves/peat moss/cypress bedding all mixed together (I had a hard time deciding which to use - LOL). I try to keep the humidity over 50% with regular misting and the temp is about 70-80 (one side of enclosure has a reptile mat under it). Occupants include about 40 MHC, about 10 Peppered roaches,about 100 roly-polies (Armadillidium) from my backyard, and about 10 orange isopods (porcellio scabers).
  25. Nanchantress

    Saying Hello!

    Welcome to the forum! I'm fairly new at roach keeping and I've found a lot of great info on this site. I keep a dozen tarantulas also - your Chilean Rose RCF is nice looking!