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    Mite Removal 101 (Trials)

    I like your experimental efforts... Sounds like something I would do - haha! Thanks for sharing
  2. Nanchantress

    Concerned about stuck Ootheca

    Follow-up: After 12 more hours of her struggling to push the stuck part out I decided to intervene. I held her butt in a small bowl of warm water and rubbed the end with a wet Q-tip gently. After a couple minutes of soaking I put her back in the enclosure. Within 15 minutes she was able abort the remaining 1/2 inch of ootheca. I bet she sleeps better tonight...
  3. Nanchantress

    mite problem?getting worse

    Zephyr, do you dilute the hydrogen peroxide or use it full-strength?
  4. Nanchantress

    Do leaves have to be dead and brown?

    Thank you both. So it seems like it is not a question of safety, but just a preference for snacking. Good to know. Maybe I will bake them just to get rid of any creepy crawlies like Recluse said though.
  5. I've seen several posts mentioning that only dead brown tree leaves should be used in a roach enclosure. Does anyone know what makes fresh green tree leaves bad or unsafe for roaches?
  6. Nanchantress

    Hisser molt progression pics

    If I am going to use them as feeders then should I make sure all the mites are off them first? My tarantula cages are very dry and I would think any mites would die off with the roach.
  7. Nanchantress

    Hisser molt progression pics

    I keep trying to remind myself that they're beneficial...kinda unsettling to watch them crawling all over my precious roaches! lol Some of the hissers have around 7 to 10 on them - I don't know at what point I should start to worry...
  8. Nanchantress

    Need ID - found in my house today

    Just talked to my neighbor who has had these roaches show up in her garage - 1st time either one of us has had any. She called a pest guy to spray them and he said after neighborhoods are 10 years old or so the roaches come. That's about how old our neighborhood is...
  9. I found 2 of these in my house today. I keep hissers, A.tesselata, and a small container of lobsters that I just got. This doesn't look like any of them IMHO. Is it even a roach? It is sitting on a piece of wide-ruled loose leaf paper for size reference.
  10. Nanchantress

    My Male A tesselata!

    Cindy, what surface are the roaches climbing on in the picture in post#8?
  11. Nanchantress

    Hisser molt progression pics

    PM sent to Macbrush...
  12. Nanchantress

    Need ID - found in my house today

    Thank you, Zephyr. After looking at some pictures and reading about them, I think they might be the Shelfordella lateralis.
  13. Nanchantress

    Need ID - found in my house today

    Here is the underside...
  14. All these hissers came in the same container, but to me it appears that some are oblongata and some are portentosa. Could I get some second opinions? I want to get them into separate enclosures ASAP if needed. They are just pets and feeders, but I'd like to keep them separate anyway, although I realize it might be too late to prevent hybrids since they've been together already. I think the ones with the dots around the edges are portentosas - but is that a 100% definite way of differentiating them?
  15. Nanchantress

    Gromphadorhina oblongonota or G. portentosa?

    I just found this nymph in the enclosure - it has some white but not in a square shape. Orin, what do you think?
  16. Nanchantress

    Gromphadorhina oblongonota or G. portentosa?

    Would you be able to post a photo of a nymph with the white squares? Also, I have seen different spellings - oblongonata and oblongata - are they both used? Edit: Oh, I just found a picture in google - is this an oblongonata nymph with the white squares?
  17. Nanchantress

    Gromphadorhina oblongonota or G. portentosa?

    I think I may have hybrids, which is OK with me since I'm not intentionally breeding them to put back into the hobby - I just have them as personal pets and feeders. Most of my dogs have been mutts, too. From what I have been reading, it can be very difficult to tell the difference between some of the hissers because of the color variations even within the same species. So I will accept the uncertainty and just enjoy them...
  18. Nanchantress


    Just curious how big those are in your picture...
  19. Nanchantress

    Hisser giving birth

    Wow, that was the coolest thing ever! Thank you for sharing it.
  20. I found this at the Goodwill store the other day and couldn't resist. Favorite choice seems to be the banana-flavored oatmeal baby cereal. Other choices are bread, ground dog food, and fish flakes
  21. Nanchantress

    Peppereds and Hissers together?

    Thank you both for the info. I think I'll look into some Peppereds then. They will be in their own enclosure, with some orange porcellios, until my Hisser enclosure gets overcrowded. Glad I have the option of putting them together.
  22. After seeing Cindy's pictures of her Peppereds, I have just started thinking about branching out to a second species. I currently have only Madagascar Hissers. Can the Hissers and the Peppereds live together in the same enclosure?
  23. Nanchantress

    Males-only Hisser Enclosure

    Just an update: The 4 males seemed so sad in their separate enclosure... I put them back in with the ladies and everybody is more active and happy again. I'll wait till the population is exploding before I move some hissers into the other enclosure, and since it has no heat source the reproduction should be kept to a minimum like someone above mentioned.
  24. In an effort to hopefully regulate my hisser population somewhat, I moved my 4 males to their own enclosure, a very spacious 20 gallon aquarium. When they were with the ladies in the main enlosure, they battled and staked out territories. In their private tank, all 4 of them are sleeping together snuggly under a cork bark hide. Has anyone else tried this and noticed a lack of aggressive behavior when females are not present?
  25. Nanchantress

    Males-only Hisser Enclosure

    Mine are Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. As I identify the male nymphs in my main tank I plan on moving them over to the males-only tank. I will see how things go...