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    Supplier of Oak Leaves?

    Cindy, thanks for the oak leaves!! My hissers are really happy and munching on them already I appreciate your effort and can't believe they got here so soon You're the best!
  2. I have been reading about how much roaches enjoy dry oak leaf litter. I have a few questions about this: (1) Will just rinsing in water remove any possible pesticide residue? (2) Are there any on-line sources for pesticide-free dead oak leaves? I know it sounds funny to want to buy dead oak leaves, but in my area I don't think oak trees are easy to find. I do have some relatives in Missouri I could contact probably, but I want to make sure I'd be able to remove any pesticides.
  3. Nanchantress

    Supplier of Oak Leaves?

    Thanks, Cindy! That would be awesome! I would gladly trade some of my dollars for your efforts I will wait until fall for the dead ones since I read those are best. If you ever need some authentic blowing sand from the desert southwest just let me know - hahaha!
  4. Nanchantress

    Casting a Hisser in resin

    This is available on this site, written by Rhys Brigida: http://atshq.org/articles/rhysresin.pdf
  5. Nanchantress

    Pre-molt behavior in Hissers?

    Follow-up: I gently sliced him down the sides of the abdomen and he was definitely not ready to molt - no new exoskeleton inside. I scooped out his innards (gross, gag...) and now I'm going to attempt to preserve him in casting resin and make a paperweight type of thing. It will be my first attempt at this after learning about it at the ATS conference last month.
  6. Nanchantress

    Pre-molt behavior in Hissers?

    I have a male Hisser (2+ inches) that has remained in the same position for 2 days. Sometimes I would see a slight twitch of a leg, but that's it. I placed his mouth on some water droplets, thinking maybe that would help, but nothing... So this morning I put him in the freezer. Now I am second guessing myself. Do you think he could have been in pre-molt? Do Hissers even have a pre-molt stage like tarantulas do? I am new to Hissers but have 11 tarantulas so I can recognize pre-molt behavior in Ts. What if I killed a perfectly good Hisser? After work today I might do a "necropsy" and see if I can tell one way or the other. Does anyone know if Hissers stay motionless for a few days prior to molting? Thanks, Nancy