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    New York City! ^.^
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    All insects and spiders and their kin. Singing and dancing and writing, languages, keeping hermit crabs.
  1. Habibi18

    My origami

    LOL! Wonder what would happen if an actual hisser came into contact with a paper one? Mind you it would probably climb right over it without a care in the world and go back popping out babies......LMAO! Awesome work though. Would be cool if real hissers appreciated it like we do.
  2. Habibi18

    My origami

    Cool! Thanks alot. I've got lots of Origami paper. And the ones I know how to make are the butterflies and the fortune teller thingies. I will definitely check this out.
  3. Habibi18

    My origami

    Those are awesome I love them to death. I wanna know how to make the roaches.
  4. Habibi18

    Phortioeca phoraspoides?

    Those are cool looking. Do the photos come from your blog or what? Would like a link to it because I've got a feeling it's about insects or something of the sort. Thankies. And Google can be a pain in the butt when you're trying to look up something and it's not there. Hate that. It has happened to me loads of times. Too many to count. What species are the roaches in the pics?
  5. Habibi18

    Phortioeca phoraspoides?

    I think so. I'm sure though. I haven't been there in a while.
  6. Habibi18

    Phortioeca phoraspoides?

    I agree with you 100%. I'm planning to do this too. I've already done it tons of times when going to camp and places upstate and stuff. Even around my house you get some really nice looking insects. Roaches yes but only P. americana and the German cockroach. Darn it! Would like to see some other ones in person besides those. I could live without seeing those 2 but they're so many different ones out there that I would like to see including whatever else comes along with them.
  7. Habibi18

    Phortioeca phoraspoides?

    This book has gone on my wish list. Thank you!
  8. Habibi18

    Periplaneta fulginosa

    OMG! Look at all of those! I'm going to have lots of fun with these! *Evil grin spreads across her face* Heheheheh.
  9. Habibi18

    Phortioeca phoraspoides?

    Oh wow! I love the pronotums on these! Beautiful photos and roaches! ♥
  10. Habibi18

    Phortioeca phoraspoides?

    I just Googled it and got nothing useful in either the web or image search. Dang I would like to see what they look like. They sound interesting.
  11. Habibi18


    OHO! I knew that if there were American and German Cockroaches then there'd have to be Asian ones. Also are there any roaches that have the common name "African Cock Roach" and have a similar pattern on the thorax to that of the German and Asian roaches? Need to know because if there is one then we might get close to having a roach for every continent ( except Antarctica unless I'm gravely mistake?! )!
  12. Habibi18

    Roaches for 2008

    Well I would like to have any roach for a starter. The only ones available atm are German Cockroaches. And my mom is trying to kill them before they start taking over. Damn it! I wanted to raise some.
  13. Habibi18

    Winter bugs...

    And there are also Winter Moths too. I've seen a few.
  14. Habibi18

    ...or even these!

    Yep that's it. And they're variable too. Beautiful species.
  15. Habibi18

    Thorn Spider (orb weaver)

    Arrow shaped Microthena! Love these. I think that they might be in the hobby because I remember talking to some one on VL that has kept them. Although it might've been just an experiment.