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  1. I never got mine to reproduce successfully, but that was a while ago. That's the only experience I can share.
  2. Thomas

    Yellow Dubia Breeding Program

    I'm doing this with my stock as well. Interestingly, no colorful males have appeared, only female.
  3. Thomas

    What species can reproduce asexually?

    Pycnoscelus surinamensis, also.
  4. Thomas

    Cockroaches from New Zealand

    The first looks to me like Eurycotis sp., a bit like E. opaca (one species I've seen before). The others, I have no idea.
  5. Thomas

    Much needed vacation!

    Awesome millipede you found there. Looks like the "fire legged" (or whatever) that I sometimes see for sale online.
  6. Thomas

    Can cockroach's IQ up to 340? Is it true?

    Very funny saying, but not scientifically accurate. I'll have to use this one
  7. Thomas

    My egg-eating snake :D

    What a fantastic animal. Whenever I think of egg-eaters, I picture the brown/olive-colored species, so it's nice to see one that's a little bit more colorful and patterned.
  8. Thomas

    Blotted Science - Ingesting Blattaria

    Or lab specimens from a local pest control research facility (or really any sort of research facility- roaches are great subjects).
  9. Thomas

    American roach refuses to eat food

    He/she is probably just a little bit flustered, or maybe not hungry at all. Allow it to settle in and then offer food again later.
  10. Thomas

    Blotted Science - Ingesting Blattaria

    Good lord that's a lot of roaches.
  11. Thomas

    Roach cam

    This is a different image than what I saw, but even in this one, there's actually a lobster. Upper right quadrant. I think my eyes are magnetic to lobsters or something, because I saw that one almost immediately
  12. Thomas

    Roach cam

    I like the one Lobster roach (or maybe H. flexivitta?) dead center of the picture. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Thomas

    3 Owls & A Sad Goodbye

    This is so amazing! What exactly do you have these for? Pets? Do you work at an aviary/raptor sanctuary?
  14. Thomas

    Gyna lurida

    So beautiful!
  15. Thomas

    Lucihormetica subcincta nymph

    I wouldn't risk it; the fungus which makes them glow is likely at least semi-specific to them and their environment. Experimenting in captivity is possible, but these guys don't reproduce all that easily or quickly from what I've heard (I had a few but they all died), so I wouldn't risk feeding them some random species of bioluminescent fungi to get them to glow.