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  1. Thorin

    Acorns as food...

    Ok...but, the tannins are bad or good for the roaches?
  2. Thorin

    Acorns as food...

    Why should I peel the acorns, and leach out the tannins?
  3. Thorin

    pdf copy of the cockroach bible

    Awesome article!
  4. Thorin

    Acorns as food...

    Hello, I have a strange question for you! you can, put oak's acorns as food, in terrariums of cockroaches? for the rhino, hissing and others roaches? let me know if it's possible ... regards
  5. Hello, I'm an italian breeder of some invertebrates... My friend gave me two Polyphaga obscura (females). I already breed other species ... but this usually does not. will you give me some information? I would like to know the profile of this kind of breeding cockroach. best regards