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  1. Briene

    Need Moving Advice

    wow I would be so sad if I had to secretly keep my roaches like little marijuana plants : P
  2. Briene

    Rhino roaches

    and I thought waiting for peppers was a while...a few years for babies...I would be rediculously stoked when I came across some nymphs
  3. I've just never seen the point of mixing species......but I'm old school yo : P
  4. Briene

    Rhino roaches

    only 175 for one : P ... hmmm *saves up swap money*
  5. who has some Macropanesthia rhinoceros ...they are so so so sexy ... The only place I've found them for sale....they have only males
  6. Briene

    Know your Hisser

  7. Briene

    Water dishes & drowning. . .

    go to the paper plate section @ any super market they should have tiny plastic souffle cups...idk how the hell you spell it : P or go to the tupperwear storage.....section and get little condimentish cups and use Polymer crystals ....I've never had a drowing issue
  8. Briene


    If your selling them with a disclaimer claiming they are for educational purposes then I do believe it's still legal.....They are trying to take away that privilege . So much for education hahahaha. I will get the finer details at the next swap! I shall measure that boy today. I do believe that pair just had their first batch of nymphs <3
  9. Briene

    Need Moving Advice

    .......I neglected a dubia colony for a few months and I still have that same colony years later ; ) SCIENCE.... I think they will be fine lol
  10. Damn, I hope I never see this. I love my peppers! Hope it doesn't keep happening and you figure out what it is so we all know what's up : )
  11. Briene

    Sometimes we get lucky

    I love good scores @ swaps <3 I wonder if I blow anybodies mind with my prices... I hope so <3
  12. Briene

    Do not center food in one zone

    You released one of your roaches into the wilderness...big no no lol
  13. Briene


    yup clear packing tape....as you can see they are all haulted at the start of it lol. Then there is a layer of vaseline above that. It helps emensly .... but those little fucks tend to escape still every now and then.
  14. Since I am at a reptile expo every month I have egg flats on tap : ) for display I wouldn't use them but for selling purposes...so easy to take out your flats shake...scoop up roaches ahhhh easy . Sequins sound AWESOME! I must seeeee this! DISCOOOOO ROOOOACHHHH
  15. Briene

    Roach Cake