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  1. happy1892

    Thoughts on cohabitation

    The centipedes might eat baby roaches (but maybe you want that?). And many kinds of roaches might nibble at the whipscorpions and stress them out.
  2. happy1892

    Some of my cockroaches

    They look healthy!
  3. happy1892

    Louisiana roach hunting

    If you see them while mowing the grass occasionally, then I would consider this species kind of common where you are in Florida. But in other states farther north they might be rare.
  4. happy1892

    Hi from Louisiana

    Welcome. "Fluffy" is a funny name for a big scorpion.
  5. happy1892

    Louisiana roach hunting

    Oh yeah! I forgot they are already in the hobby!
  6. happy1892

    How long do ______ live?

    The big Blaberidae (Blaberus and the Archimandrita and Hisser) might live about 2 or so years for adult females, but adult males having a much shorter life span probably. As nymphs they can grow much slower if kept at low temperatures, so I'm wondering if it would take over a year or even much longer to mature from nymph if kept artificially at cool temps even during summer time. Not sure if they would do alright for a long time at cool temperatures or if they would really stop growing or just grow much slower because I haven't tried it. I don't know about the other kinds of roaches. The adult males of Parcoblatta species I have had had a very short life span. It's getting close to two years for one male Blaberus chacoensis nymph to become adult since I got him from Kyle Kandilian. A wild guess I maybe got him when he was around 3rd instar.
  7. happy1892

    Louisiana roach hunting

    Don't forget about Parcoblatta zebra and Parcoblatta divisa!
  8. After getting both sexes to adult they will probably be easy for you to tell by just looking at how wide the female's abdomen is compared to the males.
  9. happy1892


  10. happy1892

    New Guy

    Did you take a look at the editing place to get notifications?
  11. happy1892


    Welcome to roachforum.
  12. happy1892

    Some of my cockroaches

    Thank you for showing us these photos!
  13. happy1892

    Recommended Small Display Species

    Would Hemithyrsocera "histrio" (H. vittata?) be good?
  14. happy1892

    Recommended Small Display Species

    Some of these, that is if you can get them... lol http://www.biolib.cz...allery/dir2034/ Are Ectobiidae sp. "Malaysia" very active during the day?