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  1. Hisserdude

    Gyna capucina (Pink Roach)

    Thanks, I certainly think so! 😁
  2. Hisserdude

    Gyna capucina (Pink Roach)

    Finally got a brighter pink female! 😁 Looks like I've got several more females about to mature soon too!
  3. Hisserdude

    Can compsodes schwarzi be housed with springtails?

    No problem, happy to help!
  4. Hisserdude

    Gyna capucina (Pink Roach)

    I can now confirm that mine are breeding, so WOOT WOOT! 😁 Additionally the colony as a whole is doing great, lots of nymphs growing at a decent pace, food is disappearing at a rapidly increasing rate, and I'm having some more nymph's mature. Here are some pictures of an adult male! In case anyone is wondering why he's covered in dust, he kept running off the windowsill where I was photographing him and jumping down to the carpet below... πŸ˜‚
  5. Hisserdude

    Can compsodes schwarzi be housed with springtails?

    Depends on the springtail to roach ratio, mine had a few tropical pinks, (Sinella curviseta) in their starter deli cup, and that number eventually rose to to a few dozen, however the dozen Compsodes did actually outcompete and smother the springtails within that enclosure before they got out of hand, which I attribute to the small enclosure size and lack of an abundance of decaying organic matter for the springtails to feed on, plus the fact that there were only a few springtails introduced to the enclosure in the start. If you started the same amount of Compsodes out with a hundred tropical pink springtails though, (the most pesky of the springs), in a larger enclosure full of leaf litter, rotten wood, etc., then you might have a problem... You could start the same amount of Compsodes out with a few hundred small silver springtails and have no issues though, so it does really depend on the springtail species.
  6. Hisserdude

    Bantua sp. "Namibia"

    So there's been several more broods since last post, these guys are doing great! 😁 Here are some more adult pictures! Male: Female:
  7. Hisserdude

    Are sweetgum and magnolia pods safe for roaches?

    I believe magnolia pods are safe, I don't know about sweetgum though...
  8. Hisserdude

    forum problems

    That's weird, I can still reply to PMs just fine, don't know what that is... πŸ˜• Any ideas @Peter Clausen?
  9. @Allpet Roaches Some more names people are going with for relatively new species: Dipteretrum hanstroemi = "HanstrΓΆm's little runners" (they kinda resemble little red runners, and they're named after Bertil HandstrΓΆm). Gyna cf./sp. "sculpturata" = "Pink rose roach" (due to the coloration of adults). Also, regarding #125, Paranauphoeta discoidalis has been a synonym of Paranauphoeta rufipes for almost 30 years, don't know who the heck ID'd them when they entered the hobby, but they used an old name. The current name is P.rufipes, and rufipes means "red foot", so I propose the common name be changed to "Red-footed assassin mimic".
  10. Hisserdude

    Observations from an Entomologist.

    Ah OK, yeah that makes more sense than just upping the potency on the chemicals for sure.
  11. Hisserdude

    If Roaches Used Social Media...

    Archi_Blatta said: @SirUblaberus I'll have you know our chemical secretions are also probably effective on many invertebrates too... But then again, I wouldn't know, we've never been used as feeders before. 😜 #archiblatta4life
  12. Hisserdude

    rare two headed hisser

    Haha the elusive roachroach... πŸ˜›
  13. Hisserdude

    handling tips for chronic pain?

    Ah OK, well with limited mobility I'd just be slow with your movements and stick to slow moving species, (which Archimandrita are if handled with care), and be sure to hold them over substrate or a soft surface, in case of accidental falls. Hope the gloves work to help with the skin contact problem, I'd use the thinner surgical gloves, the yellow thick rubber gloves smell weird and I feel as though it'd be bad for your roaches to be in consistent contact with them.
  14. Hisserdude

    thoughts on lack of roach "merch"

    Yeah, it's a beautiful species, definitely looks good on a poster! 😁 No problem man, and thank you very much, I appreciate it! πŸ˜„
  15. Hisserdude

    Tiny white balls in coco fiber

    Probably Leucocoprinus sp. mycelium, comes in with coconut fiber, potting soil, etc. Best thing to do is to sterilize the coconut fiber before use in enclosures, that completely kills any spores, no cleaner crews will touch the stuff.