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  1. Hisserdude

    Available in the U.S.?

    @Bmaines96 Has Panesthia methinks, the other two are not currently being kept in the US, though FINALLY E.pacifica is in the European hobby at least... Also Eucorydia aenea and Eucorydia dasytoides are considered different species now, and unfortunately E.dasytoides is not being kept in the US hobby anymore...
  2. Hisserdude

    AAA's Roachy Horde

    Aww man, sorry to hear about that, but hopefully the allergies to your roaches will go away now that you've got no hissers! I'm sure they're in good hands with Brandon.
  3. Hisserdude

    Hawai'ian cockroach stowaway

    Nice, definitely a Blaberid of some sort, shame it's only the one...
  4. Hisserdude

    Hello from Georgia

    Welcome to the forum!
  5. Hisserdude

    Greetings from Northern California

    Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy it here!
  6. Hisserdude

    Bantua sp. "Namibia"

    One of the nymphs matured, it's a female! A true beauty! Turns out the nymphs produce a waxy substance all over their exoskeletons, similar to Porcellionides isopods and several desert Tenebrionids, which aids in preventing dehydration! These are the only roaches I know of that produce this substance, even the adults have a thin layer of it! There really isn't anything like these in Blatticulture, they are so unique, really glad to be working with them!
  7. Hisserdude

    The Roaches Survive...Again!

    Very nice, glad your Therea didn't die out completely! BTW, try feeding them a protein rich diet, with leaves as the supplemental food, and they should grow pretty fast! Also, keeping half the enclosure dry and the other half moist appears to be the best for Therea. I received a group of Simandoa conserfariam nymphs from BIC, however there was a cold snap and they all appeared lifeless on arrival. However I kept them anyway, figuring some might thaw out and actually be alive, and to make a long story short, that's exactly what happened. It actually took several days, but three of the nymphs came back to life and regained full bodily function, and went on to eat and molt just fine, even got one to mature before leaving the hobby. So yeah, roaches can really defy expectations and live through some pretty tough scenarios for sure!
  8. It's a pretty informative textbook, lots of neat tidbits about ecology of some unique species, as well as black and white photos, some line drawings.
  9. Hisserdude

    I'm back! (on a trial basis...)

    Yeah, I've thought about therapy, and may have to get a therapist as a last resort, but seeing as my family's in a tight spot financially, I'm gonna try everything I can to deal with it myself first! And thanks, if I find myself needing to vent, I'll hit you up! 😅
  10. Hisserdude

    Gyna capucina (Pink Roach)

    Thanks! I do actually, after talking with people breeding this species, it appears they do best when one corner of the enclosure is kept moist, while the rest is kept dry, they also appreciate bark and branches to climb on, and they have pretty large appetites for Gyna.
  11. Hisserdude

    Panchlora sp. "White"!

    At least two other Panchlora species in the hobby, (Panchlora sp. "Costa Rica" and Panchlora sp. "Speckled") have yellow color morphs, so it's possible you could find yellow P.nivea individuals... I'd try and separate those ones, and see if it's actually a color morph that can be isolated!
  12. Hisserdude

    I'm back! (on a trial basis...)

    Yeah, I mean anxiety is a completely natural reaction the body has to certain scenarios, it's just that some of us react in that way to every little thing, which of course makes you miserable... So yeah I'm working on managing it to the point that I can function normally again LOL, and I've made some progress so far. Thanks, same to you! I'll be trying some deep breathing exercises this week, we'll see how that goes!
  13. Got some of these beauties last week along with the Bantua, here are some pictures of a nymph: And an adult male! Fingers crossed I can breed them successfully!
  14. Hisserdude

    I'm back! (on a trial basis...)

    Thanks! Yeah it's definitely tough to not be in total control of your mind at times, worrying over the silliest little things, but I've been trying hard to better deal with my anxiety, and feel like I've made a little progress at least! Thanks, me too!