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  1. Hisserdude

    sp. cubaris

    No problem!
  2. Hisserdude

    sp. cubaris

    The blondes are a true breeding color morph of the normal duckies... I haven't heard of normal duckies popping up in blonde colonies, but I have seen lots of "half blonde" individuals show up in normal ducky colonies, which could probably be line bred into normal blondes.
  3. Bug burger is probably a bit more nutritional than just oats, but either could work for hissers. Jelly cups are not a complete diet for roaches, but can be offered instead of fruits from time to time, (actually fruits would probably be best though).
  4. Nope, just frass, so they should be fine.
  5. Hisserdude

    Porcellio hoffmannseggi Dying . . . HELP!

    No problem, hope cooling them down a bit helps with the mortality! I think dry forests in Spain, but don't quote me on that... Probably not cave dwellers.
  6. Looks like a fresh frass pellet TBH... 😂
  7. Hisserdude

    Porcellio hoffmannseggi Dying . . . HELP!

    It's summer now, have your temps in that room been on the rise? My Spanish Porcellio always did the worst in summer, when I moved them to cooler rooms they seemed to do much better. Larger individuals are often more affected by warmer temps than juveniles.
  8. Hisserdude

    Amateur Pure Hobby Hisser "Key"

    Yeah, best to just label them Gromphadorhina sp. "Hybrid" if you end up selling them for sure. And yeah most generic, cheap hissers nowadays are indeed hybrids, so that makes sense. They probably do enjoy the company, hissers seem to be naturally gregarious. LOL they are definitely fun to handle, something I unfortunately can't really do with mine though, due to me developing an allergy to them...
  9. Hisserdude

    Amateur Pure Hobby Hisser "Key"

    Thanks, glad you liked it! And yes those are definitely "portentosa" hybrids for sure, given that highly variable coloration you see, typical of those hybrids.
  10. Hisserdude

    help with some darkling ID?

    Wild ones typically lay once a year around that time, yes, but freshly matured CB individuals start laying as soon as they're able to, regardless of the time of year they're reared up.
  11. Hisserdude

    Amateur Pure Hobby Hisser "Key"

    Hmm, well maybe it's different at shows then, most vendors I've seen online sell both hybrids and pure bred portentosa for very similar prices... With hybrids being more often sold in bulk online, since most people I know use them more for feeders, and pure stocks usually being sold exclusively for "pet" prices, (then again, I have seen lots of hybrids sold for those higher "pet" prices too).
  12. Received 5 mixed nymphs from a friend whose colony I'm about 99% sure is pure, so fingers crossed I'm right about that, only time will tell! Still got a lot of growing to do, looking forward to seeing the adults!
  13. Thanks @Cariblatta lutea for sending me two pairs of this species, have them set up in a bigger bin than last time, so maybe they'll come out normal sized this go around! 😂 Fingers crossed I can breed these beauties!
  14. Usually for me it's the initial touch, whether you try to grab them or accidentally brush against them, that makes them hiss the most.
  15. Hisserdude

    Amateur Pure Hobby Hisser "Key"

    Thanks, I worked pretty hard on perfecting it over the past few weeks, and will continue to keep it updated as new hissers enter the hobby, (and maybe replace some of the pics with my own one day). Thanks! Indeed, a revision of the Gromphadorhini is long overdue, and I suspect will bring in some surprises. 😄 Would love for some new species to enter the hobby along the way too... 😅