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  1. Hisserdude

    Arizona Inverts

    Heck yeah, Tenebs are way cooler than scarabs IMO, they are my second favorite group of inverts, (first being roaches obviously). Love documenting their life cycles and breeding obscure species!
  2. Hisserdude

    New to roach keeping!

    Welcome to the hobby, there's no such thing as "too many questions" on this forum! Hope you enjoy it here!
  3. Hisserdude

    Arizona Inverts

    I'd love to go for the Tenebs, and there are some neat rare roaches there too...
  4. Hisserdude

    Beetle lover turned roach fan!

    Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here! Polyphaga saussurei would be my pick, there's also some neat species like Paranauphoeta formosana or Decoralampra fulgencioi, both of which are only intermediate in terms of husbandry difficulty, and can't fly. The Decoralampra are actually beetle mimics... I believe @Bmaines96 has all of these available.
  5. Hisserdude

    Hormetica apolinari

    Woo-hoo, that's amazing to hear! 😁
  6. Hisserdude

    Hormetica apolinari

    @Bmaines96 is unsure about the state of his colony ATM, (though hopefully they're doing well), does @Cariblatta lutea still have his, or did he send them to Kyle? If it's the latter then you and Brandon are probably the last people keeping them in the US...
  7. Hisserdude

    Cockroach live drawings

    Yeah I'm terrible with shading in all my art... 😅 And yeah if I'm looking at an image I can copy legs decently, but free hand I really don't know how to make them look realistic...
  8. Hisserdude

    Any hope for the deregulation of millipedes?

    Yeah, that's what I thought, just wanted to be sure though!
  9. Hisserdude

    Any hope for the deregulation of millipedes?

    What about Typhochlaena seladonia? Thought the reason they were basically banned in the US was because Brazil wanted to US government to enforce the Lacey Act for their endemic species? (A bit ironic, considering their government's response to the amazon fires...).
  10. Hisserdude

    Cockroach live drawings

    Thanks, I'm glad you think so!
  11. Hisserdude

    Cockroach live drawings

    These are my best two IMO: The models:
  12. Hisserdude

    Cockroach live drawings

    Just getting the segments right and in a natural looking position, which I'm sure could be fixed with practice. I use good old fashioned clicky pencils and paper, don't have a drawing tablet or anything, (though I would like one eventually). Your stuff looks way better, that's for sure! 😅
  13. Hisserdude

    Whatever happened to Redmont?

    Weird, don't know what happened then, maybe he just decided to leave the hobby quietly...
  14. Hisserdude

    Whatever happened to Redmont?

    I haven't talked with him in a while, but it's my understanding that the whole import probably fell apart, and so he just stopped posting about it... International deals fall through all the time, which is why most people don't really publicly post about their imports until they've actually got those species in hand... Those that do often end up with a little egg on their face.
  15. Hisserdude

    Cockroach live drawings

    Beautiful, very nice sketches! I've tried drawing some roaches in the past, I always mess up on the legs though... 😅