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  1. Hisserdude

    Cockroach live drawings

    These are my best two IMO: The models:
  2. Hisserdude

    Cockroach live drawings

    Just getting the segments right and in a natural looking position, which I'm sure could be fixed with practice. I use good old fashioned clicky pencils and paper, don't have a drawing tablet or anything, (though I would like one eventually). Your stuff looks way better, that's for sure! 😅
  3. Hisserdude

    Whatever happened to Redmont?

    Weird, don't know what happened then, maybe he just decided to leave the hobby quietly...
  4. Hisserdude

    Whatever happened to Redmont?

    I haven't talked with him in a while, but it's my understanding that the whole import probably fell apart, and so he just stopped posting about it... International deals fall through all the time, which is why most people don't really publicly post about their imports until they've actually got those species in hand... Those that do often end up with a little egg on their face.
  5. Hisserdude

    Cockroach live drawings

    Beautiful, very nice sketches! I've tried drawing some roaches in the past, I always mess up on the legs though... 😅
  6. Hisserdude

    Panchlora sp. "White"!

    Got a female and two males from Gil Wizen, and boy are they beautiful! Unfortunately I was too excited to take any good pictures, my hands were shaking too much lol! Here are some shoddy pictures of them, I'll try to get better ones soon! Female (She's a bit more ivory colored than the males) Male
  7. Hisserdude

    Need help with rescued emperor scorpion!

    I feel like scorpions often fast like Ts and you're not supposed to worry about that, but I could be wrong... I'm a little rusty when it comes to arachnid care right now... 😅 Have you tried asking around on Arachnoboards?
  8. I use unmedicated chick feed, some brands do appear to be vegan, and it works just fine as a grain based protein source for my roaches!
  9. Hisserdude

    Hawai'ian cockroach stowaway

    Wow, resilient little buggers eh? 😂 Glad the little colony appears to be doing well still, fingers crossed they continue to grow and then breed for you!
  10. Hisserdude

    Hi from NC...

    Hello Justin, welcome to the forum! Honestly if you go with dog food, I'd go with the lower quality stuff, as that usually contains more grain based materials, which may be better for the roaches. I never had a problem using cheap dog or cat kibble for my roaches, (though I use unmedicated chick feed now for an unrelated reason, which also works great), supposedly cat foods can cause roaches to accumulate too much uric acid, but no breeder I know of has ACTUALLY had that problem occur... In any case, I believe the protein debate usually concerns animals used as feeders, when it comes to those being used as pets it hardly matters, and if the protein is actually "too high", (not a problem I've ever encountered), then they can just choose to eat more fruits and veggies instead, (so long as you provide them).
  11. Hisserdude

    Enclosure for Panchlora nivea/Gyna lurida

    Nice, glad to hear both your species arrived safely! Yes, Gyna nymphs and adults spend most of their time underground, with males often going crazy in the enclosure at night. Panchlora nymphs also spend all their time underground, and adults can burrow too, (though they often come out and night, and prefer hiding in between vertically slanted bark pieces and such). And starter colonies seldom eat much, it may take a while for you to notice feeding activity, especially if you are feeding them a lot. But once their numbers explode, trust me, food will disappear quickly! 😅 However, even big Gyna lurida colonies don't seem to eat that much compared to other roaches, to be honest.
  12. Yeah, so you'll definitely want vendors to sex yours in the future, or just buy a lot of them... Kinda sucks, especially since the price of this species is rather expensive.
  13. One of my friends also received a unisex group of Simandoa nymphs recently, (all males), so apparently this species does have a skewed sex ratio... You may actually have all males. 😕
  14. Hisserdude

    Enclosure for Panchlora nivea/Gyna lurida

    1) Sounds good, the Gyna adults should like that! 2) That should be OK, and your current substrate mix should work for Panchlora just fine. And yes, definitely give them lots of bark and stuff to hide in. 3) The ventilation should be enough to give them a good humidity gradient, just water one side of the enclosure every couple days, and don't water the other side with the heat cable. Well that's up to you I suppose, hope putting the heat cable in the enclosure works well for your roaches! 4) Nice, that'll make feeding a lot easier! No problem, happy to help!
  15. Hisserdude

    Bantua sp. "Namibia"

    Thanks man, hoping the females will start popping any day now!
  16. Hisserdude

    Bantua sp. "Namibia"

    Finally got some of these beauties, one of the first to keep them in the US, fingers crossed they'll breed for me! Here are some pictures of a couple nymphs!
  17. Hisserdude

    Enclosure for Panchlora nivea/Gyna lurida

    I think that enclosure will work great for the Gyna lurida, maybe add one or two bark hides or egg carton flats for the adults. Panchlora spp. enjoy a lot more hides as adults, and prefer a more humid enclosure, (it looks like you're going with a humidity gradient in the pictured enclosure, which Gyna like). Also, I would put the heat cable UNDER the enclosure, not IN it, as that could be harmful for the roaches... I have always put my heat cable underneath my bins, with great success. Love the idea of the little feeding port by the way, I do think that'd definitely be more useful for the Panchlora than the G.lurida.
  18. Hisserdude

    LIttle kenyan roaches as feeders

    Wow, that's insane... 😐 Well that sucks for people who have to follow the stringent USDA rules to the letter.
  19. Hisserdude

    Where to find these species-

    You'll want to look for Ectobius spp. in shrubbery and such in urbanized areas, they might come to lights too. Sweep netting would probably be a good way to catch some I'd think...
  20. Hisserdude

    LIttle kenyan roaches as feeders

    Even the native US ones? That seems pretty odd IMO, I've always understood that native US insects (besides some beetles) are not illegal to own, I mean shipping across state lines is a little questionable and each state has their own laws on that, but I mean these are US natives we're talking about here...
  21. Hisserdude

    Nauphoeta cinerea as feeders

    Very odd that they'd use that synonym, but at least we know that red runners are legal! Which is weird though, because I thought I heard there were actually restrictions coming for that species, due to them outcompeting other pest roaches where they've been introduced...
  22. I have separate colonies for feeders and pets, (but no longer keep feeders as I don't have much to feed them to). And I've been known to OCCASIONALLY use "pet" species as feeders if their numbers are super high and they aren't selling well, to prevent overcrowding. 😅
  23. Dermestids might not hurt ooths, but would certainly tackle molting roaches if hungry... Alphitobius will eat anything, ANYTHING if their numbers are high enough, and can be dangerous to molting roaches, ooths, and maybe even perfectly healthy slower moving roach species too. So you can use either species, but you must be sure to keep their numbers in check, otherwise they have the capability to wreak havoc on roach enclosures, (then again all your roach species are pests of some sort, so it may take a lot to stress them... 😅).
  24. Hisserdude

    LIttle kenyan roaches as feeders

    Maybe get some Compsodes schwarzi? They are technically US natives, and therefore shouldn't be regulated I don't think, (not that most normal hobbyists bother following these regulations, only those applying for other permits, and the USDA doesn't seem to care too much about Blatticulture ATM), plus they are prolific and even smaller than little Kenyans.
  25. Hisserdude

    Bantua sp. "Namibia"

    Just a little bit lol, though there has actually been at least one study showing individual roaches do have varying personalities and tendencies... 😅 Thanks, I may be down to two species right now, but I think they're two pretty awesome ones! And no problem, I'm happy to help!