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  1. You can do it, but I've found that they don't do as well or breed as well. I had a bunch of Halloween hissers with my peppered, and the hissers slowly died off. Cockroaches are very social, and like to be among their own kind
  2. njohns

    Canned Food

    It was canned vegetables
  3. njohns

    Canned Food

    Is this OK? Maybe I'm just paranoid or whatever, but I'm just thinking about the preservatives and everything...
  4. njohns

    Wings not developing

    hmm yeah they might be falling. It's just hard to watch them all the time to know for sure... idk like I'm trying to use screen on the sides of the tank instead of cork bark, but maybe it's not working as well. Maybe I just gotta shell out the money for cork bark
  5. njohns

    Wings not developing

    Well unfortunately no one's replying... OK well I think it might actually be the humidity. On Roach Crossing it says that humidity doesn't matter, but maybe he just means that they can SURVIVE at any humidity...
  6. So most of my Shield-spots aren't developing their wings well when they molt. I have vertical spaces for them, and I think the humidity is ok. What's going on?
  7. njohns

    Alternatives to cork bark

    Yeah that seems like a good idea too.
  8. njohns

    Alternatives to cork bark

    Yeah dude I'd really like to see that. Something else I just thought of is to use that screen mesh to hang on the sides of the tank. The main thing is I need vertical spaces for them to drop their wings when they molt. The thing with this is that you'll still be able to see into the tank... But yeah, I've found that you really need completely vertical objects in order for their wings to really develop well...
  9. njohns

    Alternatives to cork bark

    Thanks, that would be awesome!
  10. njohns

    Alternatives to cork bark

    Alright thanks. I guess tat's kind of obvious I actually don't have a lot of oak where I'm at. Is Aspen or Cottonwood ok?
  11. This stuff seems kind of expensive, but I'd like something a bit more natural than just egg carton flats Anyone have any ideas?
  12. njohns

    I did it!!!!

    They're really easy to hatch. You don't need to do anything. I haven't kept track of how long it takes for them to hatch, but I think it's probably a couple weeks...
  13. njohns

    My Naturalistic Cockroach Setups

    Do your roaches eat the plants at all?? I tried live plants, but I had too much of a problem with that...
  14. The first one is a darker variation of a Peppered Roach, and the second is an interesting light-colored Flat-horned Hisser that is HUGE!