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  1. Masqueepo

    The best barrier against escaping?

    I use vaseline for my lobster colony and don't have any escapees unless I'm doing a cleaning or something. The only thing is when it gets really warm for long periods of time it starts to melt and run a little bit but it's cheap enough to just reapply.
  2. Masqueepo

    Cleaner bugs

    They will eat the mold I've heard. Finding dead ones should be common as well as they will grow old and eventually die. If more or younger ones continue die I'm not sure. Someone more experienced will have to answer that.
  3. Masqueepo

    Cleaner bugs

    OK cool. Thanks for the info. I nabbed some isopods so I guess I'll see how it goes. I am going to start a separate colony just in case something goes wrong that way I don't have to start all over again.
  4. Masqueepo

    Cleaner bugs

    What do you do or use to determine if you need to spray? By feel or how it looks or did you get the humidity meter?
  5. Masqueepo

    Changing display name

    Thank you for changing it for me!
  6. Masqueepo

    Cleaner bugs

    So should I lightly mist the container every few days to keep it moist enough?
  7. Masqueepo

    Is there a Facebook page?

    Does this forum have a Facebook page?
  8. Masqueepo

    Changing display name

    I just want to add an o at the end to make it Masqueepo.
  9. Masqueepo

    Changing display name

    Is there a way to change my display name? I only want to change one letter but can't seem to find how.
  10. Masqueepo

    Cleaner bugs

    Also, I have a redworm bin for compost and I have seen tiny white bugs crawling around the food and stuff...are those springtails?
  11. Masqueepo

    Cleaner bugs

    I've been seeing a lot about springtails and isopods as a cleaner bug in the colonies. I was wondering what people did with them when the colony is cleaned. The springtails are so small that I see it being pretty difficult to separate or anything. Isopods like damp right? How do you keep the colony damp enough for the isopods without making the frass and everything moldy and killing the colony?
  12. Masqueepo

    Human health

    Awesome. Nice video and set ups by the way. Pretty awesome looking.
  13. Masqueepo

    Human health

    ha yea, is that you? I'm subscribed to that account on youtube.
  14. Where did you get the coupon and what store is it to?