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  1. Alfacuria

    Sad Day for assassin bug

    Yeah seriously sucks
  2. Sorry for late reply but yes my domino roaches are in now

  3. ugh i hate double post

  4. ugh i hate double post

  5. did your domino roach nymphs come in? it still says coming soon on your signature.

  6. did your domino roach nymphs come in? it still says coming soon on your signature.

  7. Alfacuria

    Sad Day for assassin bug

    I have posted a couple weeks ago with a problem about my assassin bugs not eating one did after a few days but now one didnt eat for two weeks and is now dead. i still have one but am very disapointed oh well.
  8. Alfacuria

    Domino roach nymphs

    I see well i might as well take out the lettuce then thanks shall try putting in an orange or something
  9. Alfacuria

    Domino roach nymphs

    Okay then thank you all i put in lettuce and i seriously hope they nibble some of it befor eit goes bad
  10. Alfacuria

    Domino roach nymphs

    i see well i have mines with oak leaf litter. I hope they will live but my main question to all though is should i provide food like lettuce and stuff if they are just going to be hidden all the time doing whatever or what?
  11. Alfacuria

    Domino roach nymphs

    Hello I had just recently gotten four domino roaches from peter clausen and i would just like to know what to feed them? i mean i know what they eat its just would they eat it? the enclosure i put them in was bigger than a thought for them and they burrowed into the ground so i cant even see them and im not sure if they stay in the dirt and feed some how. Please help.
  12. Alfacuria

    red head roach

    sorry to hear that. that sucks imns much about redhead roaches though otherwise maybe id give pointers but yes
  13. Alfacuria

    Insect overload

    Coolio thanks for the site too bad they all seem to be non U.S. and or sell dead bugs but still cool seeing all the species some have.
  14. Alfacuria

    Phasmids anyone?

    Well i must say thats a bummer but i guess i can understand why ,some breed like crazy. but oh well I guess I can try an find some around here if im lucky. But i have seen them at shows like the la bug fair i will most likely check out there.
  15. Alfacuria

    Insect overload

    lol its an epidemic